10 Animal Heart Facts For Valentine’s Day

We know that our emotional connection isn’t why the heart is important (to put it simply it pumps blood).
However, I wanted to take this opportunity (as I stare at my newly acquired Valentines scattered with pink and red hearts) to share with you a few facts that demonstrate why the heart is amazing. Please feel free to send me other neat facts about the heart and I’ll gladly post them!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day. (Believe me, this beats (ha!) me showing you some exposed wildlife hearts which I considered doing)

ADVISORY: The following facts make great date conversation.

  1. Frogimage_2The heart of a blue whale is as big as a car.
  2. Frogs and lizards have three chambers whereas birds and mammals have four.
  3. The human heart beats roughly 35 million times a year.
  4. Octopuses have three hearts.
  5. Dogs have a larger heart to body mass ratio than all other mammals.
  6. Scientists have re-created the heart of a rat and it even started beating!
  7. Pythons grow bigger hearts at mealtimes.
  8. GiraffeA blue whale’s heart beats six times a minute (next to a human’s 70 times)
  9. A manatee‘s heart rate slows down by half during a long dive.
  10. A giraffe depends on it’s powerful heart that weighs up to 12kg so that it can fight the force of gravity up that long neck to the head.

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