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12 1/6/2009 // By Danielle Brigida

If you aren’t into the microblogging site called Twitter, then this post really isn’t for you. But if you have and you are interested in following some of the voices of National Wildlife Federation (@NWF), I’ve compiled this list and I welcome you to follow us!

National Wildlife FederationNational Wildlife Federation – @NWF
I had to start with this one! I created National Wildlife Federation’s account a few years ago (not really understanding what Twitter was!) and it has grown tremendously since then. I was hoping to disperse fun wildlife facts and important information as it happened. To this day it offers up tips, actions and other helpful information and is updated by Kristin Johnson, Kevin Coyle and myself.

Below are just a few of our tweeps. For a full list of our 80+ programs and people on Twitter, check out our NWF Staff Twitter list.


So who is behind @NWF on Twitter?

Danielle Brigida
Danielle Brigida – @starfocus
(Yes this is me.) Here’s a line from my bio: I’m using social media to protect wildlife and the environment, learn, and explore. I am the first to admit I’m a bit addicted to Twitter, so feel free to follow me and I’ll gladly follow you back!


Kristin Johnson
Kristin Johnson – @KSuzJ
Kristin’s bio: I’m in the online communications biz, working to save wildlife and the environment. When Kristin isn’t helping me tweet for National Wildlife Federation, she’s working on our awesome web team. If you want on her good side, tweet her something about puppies, she’s obsessed.



Kevin Coyle
Kevin Coyle – @ClimateGuru
Kevin Coyle is National Wildlife Federation’s Vice President of Education and has a wealth of knowledge to offer up the Twitterverse as its Climate Guru. His wit is most excellent and his tweets are always informative.



National Wildlife Federation Programs on Twitter

Green Hour
Green Hour – @GreenHour
Green Hour is NWF’s campaign to encourage parents and caregivers to get their kids outside a hour a day for unstructured play time. You’ll find fresh activities, ideas, and inspiration each week at Greenhour.org to help you and your family explore nature and trade some screen time for green time!



Campus Ecology Twitter Avatar
Campus Ecology – @CampusEcology

This awesome program’s Twitter feed is run by Cheli Cresswell. She is in charge of our bi-monthly campus e-newsletter, ClimateEdu and is a great contact for college and university faculty and staff, students and more to learn how to help their campuses become more sustainable!



Alaska Youth for Environmental Action – @AYEA
Alaska Youth for Environmental Action inspires and trains diverse youth leaders to impact environmental issues through community action projects and campaigns; skills training in leadership, environmental education, civic engagement, and community organizing; and green jobs that sustain our communities and future.



Wildlife Watch
Wildlife Watch – @wildlife_watch
Our Wildlife Watch program allows people to report about the wildlife they see. The best part is…you can wildlife watch using twitter and it will show up on our website! Just include “#NWF” in your tweet about what wildlife you see and include your state initials if you can. It’s a little too much fun!



National Wildlife Federation’s Action Team

Wildlife Action
Wildlife Action – @WildlifeAction
Wildlife Action is a great place to get updates on NWF’s Legislation updates and other policy news. This feed is run by Julia Marden who regularly updates this blog. Check out NWF’s Action Headquarters to see what wildlife-friendly policies you can help speak up for.



Dominique Burgunder-Johnson

Dominique Burgunder-Johnson – @dejae
Dominique leads our online advocacy efforts–helping wildlife activists keep those guys and gals on Capitol Hill accountable to supporting policy solutions that work for people and the planet!




Jennifer Janssen
Jennifer Janssen – @JuniperForest
Jennifer heads up the Great Lakes themed online outreach in our Ann Arbor, Michigan office. She is an aquatic ecologist turned online activist who is still learning the ways of Twitter, but loves to see all of the global warming solutions and great wildlife stories being twittered out there.



Kelly Wagner
Kelly Wagner – @greenkelly
Kelly does online outreach for our office in Austin, Texas. I like to call her twitter addict extraordinaire for the South Central Region because she’s awesome and gets Twitter like no other!




National Wildlife Federation’s Communications Team

Christine Dorsey
Christine Dorsey – @ChristineNWF
Christine is National Wildlife Federation’s communications director who started up her Twitter account to stay in touch while in Poznan for the climate talks recently. She describes herself as “political junkie and wildlife lover” in her bio.



Miles Grant
Miles Grant – @MilesGrant
Miles is an Online Communications Manager for the National Wildlife Federation and tweets about politics, environmental policy, community activism, green living and baseball watching. Check out his posts on Wildlife Promise.



Amanda Cooke
Amanda Cooke – @AC350
Amanda Cooke is a communications associate for the National Wildlife Federation. She is responsible for working with the media for coverage of education advocacy priorities and the connecting to nature movement.



Max Greenberg
Max Greenberg – @MaxTGreenberg
Max is a communications assistant who writes in his bio, “The growing ‘climate denier’ bloc in American politics may be likened to the monster baby from the 1974 Larry Cohen horror film It’s Alive. Ask me.” Check out his latest blog posts (some of which include his original editorial cartoons), and see him star in NWF’s Climate Capsule as “Dirty the Sock Puppet.”



Aislinn Maestas
Aislinn Maestas – @AislinnNWF
Aislinn is the online news editor for the National Wildlife Federation. She oversee NWF’s Media Center and communicates about our wildlife conservation programs.




Amazing, All-Star Staff

Larry Schweiger
Larry Schweiger – @LJSchweiger
Larry is the President and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation. He also wrote the book, Last Chance, where he breaks down the science behind global climate change and shares how a clean energy economy can provide the solutions we need to avert the worst consequences of global warming.



Jaime Matyas
Jaime Matyas – @ecosoccermom
Jaime describes herself as a “soccer playing, eco-conscious working mom” but she’s also a marketing expert and is passionate about getting kids outside! Part of the reason NWF runs so efficiently is because Jaime serves as our Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President.



Anne Keisman
Anne Keisman – @keisman
Anne’s Bio: I’m a writer and a budding web geek and environmentalist! Anne is a recovering ex-reporter and she’s rocking the Twitter world. She tweets for Green Hour and she’s also the content manager and writer for the Be Out There website, as well as the National Wildlife Outdoors and Family channel, where she helps parents come up with ideas to get their kids outside.



Michael Sola
Michael Sola – @MichaelSola
Michael is the IT Director here and truly lives up to the name. He’s an environmentalist who loves to share stories and connect. He has been a leader in the social media arena for non-profits and his passion for technology and helping people use it is inspiring.



Libby Schleichert
Elizabeth “Libby” Schleichert – @EPSchleichert
Did everyone read Ranger Rick as a kid? I know I did! Libby is one of our amazing editors for Ranger Rick Magazine. Tweet her and you’ll find out she’s one of the sweetest people on earth! Plus you get an inside scoop into an awesome magazine.



Dave Mizejewski
David Mizejewski – @DMizejewski

David is a spokesperson for the National Wildlife Federation and a national media personality. David appeared in a mini-series on Animal Planet in April of 2007 called Springwatch U.S.A. that looked at the effect of seasonal change has on wildlife from salamanders and flying squirrels to great horned owls and black bears. His Facebook and MySpace pages are great ways to contact him!



Kelly Senser
Kelly Senser – @klsnature
Kelly is a “nature-loving mom with passion for wildlife gardening, photography and outdoor play.” She is an editor at National Wildlife magazine, who writes mainly about gardening and the National Wildlife Federation’s Certified Wildlife Habitat program.



Julie Lalo
Julie Lalo – @JLalo
Julie is director of affiliate partnerships for National Wildlife Federation, and sums up her bio in one line: “It’s all about conservation.” She doesn’t carry pen and paper in her backpack anymore, but does promise to drop tweets along the trail.



Check out the full list of National Wildlife Federation’s 80+ staff and programs on Twitter >>

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