NWF Affiliate Leader Named Conservation Hero of the Year

0 10/20/2010 // By Aislinn Maestas

Photo courtesy of Field & Stream

Nevada Wildlife Federation’s Gale Dupree has been named the Conservation Hero of the Year by Field & Stream magazine. Dupree was among seven finalists honored at a recent Washington D.C. Gala awards event.

Each finalist was awarded $5000 for their conservation programs and, as the big winner, Dupree also received a Toyota 4Runner for his work on restoring sage brush habitat.

“Sportsmen don’t just talk about protecting wildlife and wild places,” says Anthony Licata, editor of Field & Stream. “They actually do it. The conservationists we named heroes tonight are out in their community doing grassroots work, while also inspiring a lot more people to get involved and do their part. We’re proud to recognize and celebrate their accomplishments.”

According to Field & Stream:

Dupree noticed a decline of sage grouse in Nevada, so he helped develop a handbook that informs landowners of how to improve nesting habitat for the birds. He also mobilizes volunteers to count leks (strutting grounds) in spring. “They’re what you call an indicator species,” Dupree says of grouse. “If they’re not doing well, other populations of wildlife are not doing well, either.” A 30-year member of the Nevada Wildlife Federation, he serves on several local conservation boards.

Watch this video to see Dupree in action, and read a short profile of him on the Heroes of Conservation site.

Congratulations Gale from all of us here at National Wildlife Federation!

Sagebrush-Steppe Landscape

This important wildlife habitat of the interior West supports an abundance of plant and wildlife species, like sage-grouse, pronghorn antelope, mule deer, jack rabbits and golden eagles. But this habitat is threatened by not only climate change, but also invasive species, urbanization, inappropriate energy development, and wild fire.

from Wildlife Promise

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