Eco-Schools USA Hosts Workshop for Teachers at Seattle Zoo

0 12/10/2010 // By Jennifer Murck

Jennifer Murck speaks to Eco-Schools teachers in Seattle

This week, Eco-Schools USA held its first-ever teacher training workshop in Seattle. The event, sponsored by Amgen and held at the Woodland Park Zoo, was attended by 14 K-12 educators. It was an exciting opportunity for our staff to introduce the educators to the program’s seven step framework, and to invite the educators to apply for seed grants to help jumpstart their Eco-Schools efforts.

At the workshop, NWF was joined by Dave Wilton from Facing the Future. He introduced the group to a number of curriculum resources and activities that educators can use to bring Eco-Schools USA program into their classroom.

One activity had the teachers throwing an unraveling ball of yarn across the room to replicate the interconnectedness between a variety of environmental issues.  Another activity had participants sucking  M&M’s up through drink straws to understand competition and scarcity issues surrounding our natural resources.  It was pretty hilarious!

We were also joined by Mike Wierusz from Cool School Challenge (CSC). Mike showed the group how to complete an energy audit and introduced the participants to the CSC classroom carbon calculator, which helps schools calculate their carbon footprint.

I was amazed at the talent of the teachers in attendance and their commitment to furthering environmental education at their schools. Many of the teachers have already taken strides toward exposing their students to environmental education and sustainability, and found the Eco-Schools USA program to be a useful framework for organizing all of their efforts.

Follow the program on Twitter @ecoschoolsusa to learn more!

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