Habitat Certification and Other Gifts for Gardeners

3 12/6/2010 // By Kelly Senser

Certified Wildlife Habitat gift certificateBecause my mom delights in welcoming birds, butterflies and other critters to her garden, I recently surprised her with a Certified Wildlife Habitat® gift certification. It required knowing how she provided wildlife with food, water, shelter and places to raise young—information I gathered on visits. (We regularly spend time on her patio watching animal passers-by.) The gift included a certificate for framing and a one-year subscription to National Wildlife magazine (a bonus for this editor!), which I presented along with a habitat sign and a field guide. In recognizing my mom’s efforts to support wildlife, I was also supporting National Wildlife Federation’s conservation initiatives.

Find out how to honor a wildlife gardener in your life with a gift certification.

If you know someone new to gardening, or who has already certified a habitat, you can boost that friend or family member’s efforts as well. Consider these gifts:

Plants and seeds: When parents and teachers launched the habitat project at my children’s school, it was a grassroots, small-budget affair. The first plants we added came from our own gardens. Cheers to seeds and transplants! Many flowers bloomed the first season.

Time: Sharing your love for gardening is an incredible gift. Whether it’s lending your neighbor a hand with a chore, helping with a restoration project or volunteering at a local garden, the contribution is meaningful.

Garden accessories: Man-made features can also enhance the wildlife value of a garden. A nesting box was added to the aforementioned schoolyard habitat, a gift from a teacher who is a birding enthusiast. Tree swallows took up residence the first year, eastern bluebirds the next—and students enjoyed up-close views of avian family life. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

What’s your favorite garden gift?

Certify Your Garden as a Wildlife Habitat

Learn more about attracting wildlife to your garden and how to create a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat® >>

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