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This guest post is written by Ray van Hilst, who helped re-launch the National Wildlife Federation’s blog.

Finding gifts for an outdoor-inclined loved one can sometimes be a challenge.  And, since the economy has shifted, many of us have eschewed the “Big Fancy Gift” for more reasonable, practical items. And yet, we still want to give gifts that support their love of the outdoors.

Since I come from a family of both readers and outdoors people, I know there is an easy gift option that meets both objectives – books.

Field Guides for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Field guides are always popular gifts for outdoor lovers. (Photo Credit: Flickr/Namibnat)

Here are some categories and suggestions from my own shopping list.

Hiking Guides: These are always handy.  From detailed guides for thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail to references for hiking with kids, hiking guidebooks help you find new adventures and ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Field Guides: My parents are such avid birders they have to replace their copy of the Audubon Field Guide every few years, so that’s always an easy gift. You can also expand the outdoor experience by giving field guides for wildflowers, constellations and other animals.

Gardening Reference: I admit that I have a “brown-thumb.” But I still want a nice garden and can always use some advice.  Gardening reference books come in handy as I try to figure out everything  – from what plants to put in the ground to how to maintain a wildlife friendly garden.

Books for Children: I find it is a bit harder during the winter to keep my kids outside and engaged with nature.  But I have also found that by encouraging my children to read kids’ books about the environment and the natural world, they are doing more than just reading.  They are exploring the outdoors with their mind.

Books about the Outdoors: Last but not least are nonfiction books with outdoor and wildlife themes.  Two of my favorites in this category include A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson which I credit with re-energizing my inner-hiker and encouraging me to start sharing the joy of hiking with my children and Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer that confirmed my respect for people who climb Mount Everest – and the fact that I never want to do it myself.

Lastly, and of particular importance for the National Wildlife Federation: This year, you can make a difference for wildlife when you do your holiday shopping.

With the holidays just round the corner, National Wildlife Federation and Borders Books are partnering to host Borders Benefit Days for Wildlife. When you shop online or in store from Dec. 18-20, 15% of every purchase goes to benefit NWF.

Here’s how:

  • Borders.com: Enter the promo code NWFD1219H at checkout.
  • In store: Use this coupon at participating Borders, Borders Express or Waldenbooks.

So feel free to curl up next to the fire this winter with a good book.  And keep in mind that while you are being inspired and getting ready to be outside in the spring, you have helped support the National Wildlife Federation.

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