Weekly News Roundup – January 20, 2012

0 1/20/2012 // By Aislinn Maestas

Want to know what National Wildlife Federation was up to this week? Here is a recap of the week’s NWF news:

Obama Administration Rejects Big Oil’s Keystone XL Scam

January 18 – The State Department, facing an accelerated timeline imposed by Congress, has announced that it will deny the permit needed to build the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

Most politicians today buckle to the kind of threats made recently by oil lobbyists, but President Obama is doing the right thing by standing up for the families who are fighting to protect their clean water from the Keystone export pipeline,” said Larry Schweiger, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation. “Big Oil wants to ram this pipeline down the throats of American families in their insatiable appetite for more profits. Keystone XL was a scam.”

National Wildlife Federation and ScottsMiracle-Gro Create Partnership


January 18 – The National Wildlife Federation and ScottsMiracle-Gro announced a new partnership to advance NWF’s nationwide Be Out There initiative to connect children with nature. As the national presenting sponsor, ScottsMiracle-Gro enhanced NWF’s programs to create green spaces and attract wildlife to backyards and communities across the country. Experts agree that today’s children spend too little time outdoors, changing the nature of childhood, and agree that time outside improves children’s physical, mental and emotional health as well as classroom performance.

NWF Makes Wildlife Photographs and Art Available to Public for First Time

January 17 – Nature and wildlife photography and art are a dramatic way to add visual interest to any room. For the first time ever, National Wildlife Federation is making available a small selection of its vast collection of donated nature and wildlife images to the public.

Over the last ten years, NWF has amassed more than 30,000 stunning photographs sent in from amateur and professional photographers. The collection includes images of wildlife and nature from around the world including exotic species like pandas, meerkats, tigers, koalas, parrot fish and peacocks as well as colorful flowers like water lilies and dramatic landscapes with thundering waterfalls. Many of the photos are winners from NWF’s annual photo contest.

Obama Administration Releases Rule to Prohibit Import of Some Large Constrictor Snakes

January 17 – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has issued a final rule that will list four species of huge, non-native constrictor snakes as “injurious species” under the  federal law that gives the FWS the power to prohibit their importation to the United States and their use in interstate commerce.In 2010, the FWS proposed rule included the listing of nine species of huge constrictor snakes. The final FWS rule drops five of these species and lists a total of four non-native constrictor snakes as injurious species. The four species that will be listed as injurious are the Burmese python, yellow anaconda, northern African rock python, and southern African rock python. The five snakes that were dropped from the list finalized by FWS are the reticulated python, boa constrictor, DeSchauensee’s anaconda, green anaconda, and Beni anaconda.

And here are highlights from NWF in the News:

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