Weekly News Roundup- January 24, 2014

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What’s happening at National Wildlife Federation this week?

A Whale of a Problem: More Pilot Whales Stranded in Florida

Dear Ranger Rick: Funniest Moments in “Dear Ranger Rick” History

Climate Change: Senate Steps Up for Climate


National Wildlife Federation Launches Online Community to Connect Kids with Wildlife

Kids Learning Outside

January 24- Watching a pair of blue jays frolic in a bird-bath.  Sitting on a park bench observing squirrels chase each other around a giant oak tree. Gardening in your backyard. Planting a tree. Fishing along a misty river. Seeing turtles sunbathe on a log in a local lake. Counting stars by a dying camp fire in a state park.

People who love the outdoors and wildlife are invited to check out a new online community called Wildlife Nation that the National Wildlife Federation is launching today with the goal of connecting people with each other in order to instill a love of wildlife in children. You can visit Wildlife Nation at: www.wildlifenation.org

“My favorite memories as a kid involve the outdoors. But children today are becoming increasingly disconnected from nature and wildlife,” said Becky Lentz, director of Great Lakes programs and operations at the National Wildlife Federation’s Great Lakes office, which initiated the community. “We started Wildlife Nation because we can’t imagine a world where nature and wildlife are not a part of kids’ lives. Our goal is to create a community where we all help each other so that kids today can enjoy the wonders of wildlife whether they live in a large city, a suburb, or rural community.”

Wildlife Nation aims to attract people who enjoy doing things outside or who want to get outside more—and to connect them to other like-minded people to create a network of people who can help each other connect kids to nature. People who join the community can upload pictures, tell stories, and ask questions. Once there, people can find resources to create a habitat in their backyard, plant trees, or camp and fish.

Visit Wildlife Nation at: www.wildlifenation.org


White House Climate Action Plan: Six Month Progress Report

White house

January 22– The National Wildlife Federation today released a six-month progress report on the White House Climate Action Plan. The report assesses progress to date in five categories, detailing both steps forward so far and areas for improvement.

“President Obama laid out a bold plan to tackle climate change last June, a goal that’s critically important to saving wildlife and protecting our communities,” said Felice Stadler, senior director for climate and energy at the National Wildlife Federation. “We wanted to take a clear-eyed look at both the progress his administration has made in the six months since and what needs to be done going forward. For example, while the Obama administration has taken important steps toward limiting industrial carbon pollution, more must be done to keep high-carbon fuels in the ground on our nation’s public lands.”

The National Wildlife Federation graded progress using a qualitative scale from “poor” to “great” depending on actions taken to date to meet stated directives. In addition, the report includes five additional areas needing attention, highlighting topics not specifically covered in the administration’s plan that are critical to combat global warming.

“With 2013 going into the record books as the fourth-warmest year on record, if the state of our union is to remain strong, the call to action on climate change is more urgent than ever,” said Stadler.

Download NWF’s White House Climate Action Plan Six-Month Report Card (pdf)

Take Action! Speak up for polar bears by showing the EPA your support for strong limits on pollution from coal-fired power plants!


And now here are highlights from NWF in the news:

MSNBC: Pipeline being expanded Keystone XL-style hit with oil spill

“We’re very concerned this has flown under the public’s radar,” National Wildlife Federation’s Peter LaFontaine told Bloomberg News in May. “The public doesn’t seem to have the same sort of attention for pipeline expansions as they do for pipeline construction. But we’re talking about a lot of crude.”

The Daily Beast: How Climate Change Is Causing Chaos in the Animal Kingdom

 “When people think of global warming, they think of far away polar bears and distant glaciers, but the real problem are bugs coming into our backyards,” Miles Grant says.

Hallmark’s Home & Family Show: David Mizejewski & Wild Animals

David Mizejewski brings along some furry and slithery friends.  As an education partner with the animated film “The Nut Job,” find out how the groundhog featured on the show today was involved in the movie.

Boston.com: Researcher, activist to discuss findings on pipeline

Environmental organizer Brett Chamberlin and Kaity Thomson, a University of New Hampshire student with a fellowship with the National Wildlife Federation, will participate in an event Monday at Bug Light Park in South Portland, Maine.

Detroit News: Gardening resolutions to consider for the New Year, part 2

Providing a water source is one of the criteria necessary for creating a Certified Wildlife Habitat as described by the National Wildlife Federation. You’ll be amazed at just how many creatures, from birds to frog and even honeybees will quickly find your water source once you make it available.

San Diego Reader: Happy National Squirrel Appreciation Day!

National Wildlife Federation and Open Road Films, producers of The Nut Job, America’s #1 (only?) family film, are joining forces to spread the word about National Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Washington Examiner: Green, business groups jockey over looming emissions review policy

The CEQ guidance “needs to make clear that the full swath of indirect and cumulative impacts needs to be addressed, and needs to be addressed in a way that it is specific to that project and the projects around it,” said Jim Murphy, senior counsel with the National Wildlife Federation.

The Wrap: How ‘The Nut Job’ Cracked ‘Frozen’s’ Grip on Family Box Office (Video)

That this coming Tuesday has been declared National Squirrel Appreciation Day by the National Wildlife Federation is one sign that the marketing team at Open Road Films left no acorn uncracked in promoting its new 3D animated kids movie “The Nut Job.”

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