Weekly News Roundup- January 31, 2014

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What’s happening at National Wildlife Federation this week?


Sportsmen to President Obama: Public lands a worthwhile legacy

Proghorn herd

Jan 29- With members of Congress at loggerheads on many issues, President Barack Obama can take the lead and fully implement promised changes to oil and gas leasing and public lands management, a national sportsmen’s coalition said Tuesday.

Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development used the occasion of the State of the Union speech to urge the president to complete the adoption of oil and gas leasing reforms, including the use of master leasing plans to address conflicts between drilling and important fish and wildlife resources.

The coalition also called on Obama to ensure that new federal rules for hydraulic fracturing – fracking – include disclosure of the chemicals used and robust requirements for the construction of well casings to protect groundwater.


Obama’s Climate Goals Call For All of the Above on Carbon Pollution Cuts


Jan 29- President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union address last night, reiterating his commitment to industrial carbon pollution standards and declaring, “Climate change is a fact.”

Larry Schweiger, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, said today:

“President Obama made clear that despite years of attacks from big polluters and their allies, his vision for winning our climate challenge remains clear and his commitment to protecting our children’s future is stronger than ever.

“To achieve those climate goals, President Obama will need an all of the above approach to cutting carbon pollution. That means new protections from industrial carbon pollution and new investments in America’s booming clean energy industry, building wind turbines off our coasts and installing solar panels on our homes, businesses and schools. But it also means making hard choices, rejecting new giveaways for big polluters and keeping high-carbon fuels in the ground on America’s public lands.

“By protecting America’s wildlife, clean air and water, and pristine public lands, President Obama can leave a lasting conservation legacy that benefits all Americans. The National Wildlife Federation’s millions of members and supporters are eager to see him get to work.”

Read more: Conservation Can’t Wait: What President Obama Can Do Right Now


David Mizejewski on the Today Show


Jan 28- How far does a wallaby leap? How strong is an alligator’s bite? David showcased some animal athletes for this special Olympic-themed Today appearance.  Watch and see these animal’s amazing athletic survival skills!

Check David’s website for his upcoming appearances!


Farm Bill Conferees Come Through for Wildlife with Strong Water and Soil Protections

Eastern Meadowlark

Jan 27- National Wildlife Federation commends the bi-partisan agreement reached today on a final reauthorization of the Farm Bill. The five-year bill contains critical measures for protecting wildlife and habitat, including a re-linking of conservation compliance to new crop insurance subsidies and funding for vital conservation programs. The House and Senate are both expected to pass the long overdue bill shortly.

“It was the worth the wait to get a Farm Bill that will help protect our nation’s land, water and wildlife,” said Julie Sibbing, Senior Director of Agriculture and Forestry Programs for National Wildlife Federation. “We are particularly pleased that the final bill includes a critical provision to prevent soil erosion and conserve our nation’s priceless wetlands, both of which will protect water quality for people and wildlife.”

Learn more about the Farm Bill here.

Read mores success stories on how farmers are conserving wildlife.


And now here are highlights from NWF in the news:

New York Times: Report May Ease Way to Approval of Keystone Pipeline

Larry Schweiger, the president of the National Wildlife Federation, said: “This is a large source of carbon that’s going to be unleashed. We’re headed in a terribly wrong direction with this project, and I don’t see how that large increase in carbon is going to be offset.”

Bloomberg News: Keystone Report Said Likely to Disappoint Pipeline Foes

“The question going into the State Department’s final environmental impact statement is this: Who will State listen to?” said Jim Murphy, senior counsel at the National Wildlife Federation.

Washington Post: State Department IG won’t release Keystone XL report on a contractor Friday

“What about Canada’s own government or the oil industry, which has repeatedly said Keystone XL is needed to realize tar sands growth plans that Canada projects will cause its own carbon emissions to soar 38% by 2030? Or will State stand by the oil industry consultants it hired to write that first draft currently being investigated for conflicts of interest?”

Huffington Post: Obama Must Do What Congress Won’t: Protect Our Iconic Public Lands

Congress has before it more than three dozen land protection bills with broad public support, yet none have passed. The last Congress was the first in 40 years not to pass any legislation protecting land as new parks or wilderness.

State Impact Texas: Restrooms or Wetlands: How Should Texas Spend BP Spill Money?

“We don’t really understand why Texas is positioned differently than the other states when it comes to restoration,” said Amanda Fuller, a Texas policy specialist with the National Wildlife Federation.

DailyBeast.com: Chaos in the Animal Kingdom

But these sharp-toothed invaders are just a small issue compared to the barely visible creatures swarming northward, according to Miles Grant, senior communications manager at the National Wildlife Federation.

Snowshoe Magazine: National Wildlife Federation Launches Online Community to Connect Kids with Wildlife

People who love the outdoors and wildlife are invited to check out a new online community called Wildlife Nation that the National Wildlife Federation is launching today with the goal of connecting people with each other in order to instill a love of wildlife in children. You can visit Wildlife Nation at: www.wildlifenation.org.

Marketwired: Gadgets, Great Outdoors Can Co-Exist

A new National Wildlife Federation (NWF) report shows that kids’ media habits can both positively and negatively impact health, and provides real-world advice to help parents serve as positive role models and teach children to use technology in moderation.

ABC7 News: David Mizejewski discusses the snowy owl in Washington DC

NWF Naturalist David Mizejewski discusses the snowy owl spotted in Washington DC and other arctic wildlife.

from Wildlife Promise

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