Weekly News Roundup: Today is Endangered Species Day and more

0 5/16/2014 // By Linda Argueta

Today is Endangered Species Day! Are you aware of what species are protected, endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act? Take a moment and test your knowledge!

Manatees are protected under the Endangered Species Act. Photo by U.S. FWS.

Manatees are protected under the Endangered Species Act. Photo by U.S. FWS.

In other news, a NWF student fellow brought native landscaping to North Central College! Also, learn how NWF and Resource Media are taking steps to address an emerging water problem: harmful algal blooms in certain water bodies.

Each May the National Wildlife Federation celebrates Garden for Wildlife Month. Join us!

What’s happening at the National Wildlife Federation this week?

New Guide Provides Conservation Guidance in a Changing Climate

May 14- Climate-Smart Conservation: Putting Adaptation Principles into Practice looks at how climate change already is affecting the nation’s wildlife and habitats, and addresses how natural resource managers will need to prepare for and adapt to these unprecedented changes. Developed by a broad collaboration of experts from federal, state, and non-governmental institutions, the guide offers practical steps for crafting conservation actions to enhance the resilience of the natural ecosystems on which wildlife and people depend.

Obama Drafts a Clean Energy Winner for America

White houseMay 9 – President Obama today unveiled a series of executive actions to invest in solar power and energy efficiency. That follows Wednesday’s announcement that the Department of Energy will fund three new offshore wind demonstration projects.

Felice Stadler, senior director for climate and energy at the National Wildlife Federation, said today:

“As this week’s National Climate Assessment demonstrated, climate change is the single biggest threat to America’s wildlife today. We need an all-of-the-above approach to cutting carbon pollution and the White House is showing it’s ready to lead the way.”

Colorado schools earn Eco-Schools’ Green Flag award

Heritage Elementary SchoolMay 16 – Two more Colorado schools have earned the top honor in the Eco-Schools USA program, hosted by the National Wildlife Federation to recognize exceptional achievement in conserving natural resources and integrating environmental education into the curriculum.

Castle Rock Elementary and Heritage Elementary in Highlands Ranch have earned Green Flags, making them just the third and fourth schools in Colorado and among only 29 nationwide to receive the prestigious award. Students, faculty and staff members and parents attended ceremonies May 8 and 14.

NWF in the News:

Scientific American: Impossible to Conserve Nature As Is, Thanks to Climate Change

“It is going to be a very big shift over the coming decades,” said Bruce Stein, the National Wildlife Federation’s director for climate change adaptation, who helped edit the guide. “There’s going to be places where we’re going to try to do our utmost to keep it the way it is,” Stein said, “… but that’s not going to be possible indefinitely; in fact in some places and for some things, it’s not possible even now.”

U.S. News & World Report: Days After Climate Report, White House Makes Clean-Energy Push

“We must confront the underlying cause of climate change by cutting carbon pollution, investing in clean energy and saying no to dirty energy,” Patty Glick, senior global warming specialist with the National Wildlife Federation and a co-author of the National Climate Assessment, said in a statement following the assessment’s release Monday.”

Washington Post: Oil pipelines are not safer alternatives oil transported by train

“The only way to cure our addiction to oil and reduce its tragic side effects is to use less of it. President Obama’s stronger fuel-economy standards are a good start, and he can send a clear message that the United States doesn’t intend to relapse by rejecting the dangerous, climate- disrupting Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.”

Star Tribune: How to make your yard a certified wildlife habitat

“The National Wildlife Federation supplies homeowners with landscaping and feeder tips. These wildlife-friendly projects will help attract more colorful birds such as this male rose-breasted grosbeak.”

Nature World News: Schumer Battles Toxic Algae

“Cyanotoxins have been proven to sicken animals and people, and are produced by blue-green algae blooms. The algae has reportedly been appearing more frequently each year, with 147 locations showing dangerous toxic algae levels just last summer, according to a report issued by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF)”

Queens Chronicle: Maspeth HS wins the ‘Green Flag’

“Maspeth High School was awarded the National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools USA Green Flag April 25 for its Green Club’s accomplishments, the fifth New York City school to receive the honor and the fourth to win it this year.”

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