My Time as an AmeriCorps Volunteer with NWF

The Seattle team “attempting” to form a totem pole on our trip to Tillicum Village, Blake Island, WA Credit: Kaitlin Parker 2015.

The Seattle team “attempting” to form a totem pole on our trip to Tillicum Village, Blake Island, WA Credit: Kaitlin Parker 2015.

Many recent graduates, looking for a position in order to use their newly acquired degrees, search the AmeriCorps job postings in search of a golden opportunity. I was completely unaware of AmeriCorps and the amazing work that they do, but luckily heard about working with the National Wildlife Federation from a colleague of mine, Cierra Hunziker, who had, at the time, just finished her two service terms with NWF’s Seattle office.

Sneaking in right under the wire of the 25-year-old age requirement unique to the WA program, I began an exciting and hopeful endeavor as the Education Outreach Coordinator of the Pacific office of NWF’s Rocky Mountain, Prairies and Pacific Region. With the ever-amazing Courtney Sullivan by my side to guide me through the world of non-profits, I became instantly attached!

With my work focused in Western Washington, I attended more than 60 community events to outreach our programs.  I helped support our numerous Community Wildlife Habitat teams, and mentored the newest Northwest Seattle team through their registration process. With our existing teams, I helped them accomplish goals and expand partnerships, and we planted demonstration gardens with a focus on pollinators and interpretive signage.  I especially enjoyed our Great American Campout at Camp Long with families who had never been camping.

Now, as my service at NWF is comes to a close, I am quickly realizing that AmeriCorps is a phenomenal organization that provides a truly valuable opportunity for learning excellent networking and workforce applicable tools.  It’s hard to believe my service term is already come and gone! I would like to extend a big thank you to Courtney Sullivan as well as all the folks in the Seattle and Montana regional offices for all of their guidance and support!


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