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Enjoying our bird picnic

Behind the Scenes: Designing Bird Activities for Kids

10/15/2010 // By Carla Brown

I have my dream job here at National Wildlife Federation, making websites to support our mission. I get to do a wide range of tasks, but my favorite lately is creating children’s activities for our Activity Finder website. It’s a …

Boy looking at seed with magnifying glass

Hiked and Sought – One Family’s Experience of Hike and Seek

10/12/2010 // By Carla Brown

There in the middle of the path was a small exuberant lady with curly hair. On a log by her feet were pine needles, tulip poplar seeds and a variety of leaves balanced in a row. A caterpillar crawled around …

Ten Tips for Camping with Toddlers

5/25/2010 // By Carla Brown

You don’t have put outdoor adventures on hold when your kids are small. Just be prepared!

Amazing Wildlife Photos and the True Stories Behind Them

7/9/2009 // By Carla Brown

Since 1970, National Wildlife® magazine’s annual Photo Contest has attracted wildlife and nature enthusiasts from around the world to share their work and compete with other amateur and professional photographers. We can’t say enough about the unbelievably inspiring and beautiful …