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Enjoying our bird picnic

Behind the Scenes: Designing Bird Activities for Kids

I have my dream job here at National Wildlife Federation, making websites to support our mission. I get to do a wide range of tasks, but my favorite lately is …

Boy looking at seed with magnifying glass

Hiked and Sought – One Family’s Experience of Hike and Seek

There in the middle of the path was a small exuberant lady with curly hair. On a log by her feet were pine needles, tulip poplar seeds and a variety …

Ten Tips for Camping with Toddlers

  |   May 25, 2010

You don’t have put outdoor adventures on hold when your kids are small. Just be prepared!

Amazing Wildlife Photos and the True Stories Behind Them

  |   July 9, 2009

Since 1970, National Wildlife® magazine’s annual Photo Contest has attracted wildlife and nature enthusiasts from around the world to share their work and compete with other amateur and professional photographers. …

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