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Round Elementary School's homemade holiday treats for wildlife

Virginia Eco-School Creatively Celebrates the Holidays

12/22/2010 // By Kate Hofmann

A Virginia elementary school in the Eco-Schools USA program creatively celebrates the holiday season.


Parents: Green Your Child’s School

8/13/2010 // By Kate Hofmann

Get involved with Eco-Schools USA, and help your child’s school go green–outside, inside, and throughout the curriculum.

Eco-Schools USA Case Study: Lincoln Elementary Goes Green

8/7/2010 // By Kate Hofmann

  Students at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School in Chicago are taking part in the HSBC Eco-Schools USA Climate Initiative, and making huge strides towards greening their school! Amy Andrews, a third grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary, first learned about the …


6 Common Nature Myths — Debunked

8/3/2010 // By Kate Hofmann

Advice to ignore while you’re enjoying the outdoors


Beach Activities for Kids of All Ages

6/30/2010 // By Kate Hofmann

Beyond sandcastles: Tips to get more from your time at the shore

Eco-Schools USA Case Study: Youth CAN at Boston Latin School

6/12/2010 // By Kate Hofmann

  It’s the oldest school in the United States, but Boston Latin School prides itself on its new thinking. Students have taken the initiative on several ambitious projects, rapidly transforming the Boston, Massachusetts school into a leader in education for …


The Joy of Camping – Right in Your Backyard

4/22/2010 // By Kate Hofmann

Tips for enjoying a night out under the stars with your family


Eco-Schools USA Case Study: United High School’s “Trashin’ Fashion Show”

4/10/2010 // By Kate Hofmann

Armagh, Pennsylvania is a rural school district in the heart of coal country. For many in the community, alternative energy and other environmental initiatives are tied to fears of family members losing their livelihood. So launching the Eco-Schools USA program …

Q & A with Kate Hofmann

3/4/2009 // By Kate Hofmann

Kate, a writer for Ranger Rick magazine, shares memories of her outdoor childhood.

The Joy of Camping

6/18/2008 // By Kate Hofmann

What’s the best thing about camping? These days, I’d say it’s getting away from my car and my computer for a few days. When I was a kid, I would have made a different list. Setting up house in a …