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Challenging Coal Curricula That Keep Children in the Dark

  |   May 12, 2011

A newly-released school lesson plan series on energy tells children about the advantages of coal-burning for electricity but offers our kids an industry-biased view and, sadly, omits some of the …

Global Warming and the Stresses of War – A Post Bin Laden Perspective

  |   May 12, 2011

What follows in an excerpt of a soon-to-be-published forum proceedings paper (September 2011) by Lise Van Susteran, MD and Kevin J. Coyle, JD on the many psychological effects of global …

Why Youth Are Marching and Suing Over Climate Change Inaction

  |   May 7, 2011

Starting today, and for the next week, young people throughout the world will be conducting a series of marches and demonstrations to assert their standing on the crucial threat of …

Bird Feeder

A Beginner’s Guide to Backyard Bird Feeding

  |   May 3, 2011

What kind of bird feeder should you get? Where should you put it? What seeds should you provide?

Birds in bird bath

Water: A Guide to the Most Magical Part of Wildlife Gardening

  |   May 2, 2011

One of the best things a wildlife gardener can do for birds and other wild creatures is to provide a dependable source of water in the garden.

Wildlife Gardening for Beginners: Five Simple Steps

  |   May 1, 2011

The National Wildlife Federation is celebrating Garden for Wildlife Month this May. People might assume they have to be a wildlife gardening expert to get involved.  The reality is that …

Healthy Parks, Healthy People!

  Today I’m attending the Healthy Parks, Healthy People conference at the Institute for the Golden Gate outside of San Francisco.  It is a gathering of a surprisingly diverse mix …

Hoof, Pad and Flipper: A Closer Look At Wildlife That Run and Crawl

The National Wildlife Week theme of “wildlife that move us” is helping us look today at wild creatures that run, walk and crawl. Fastest Let’s start with the animal that …

The Amazing Lives of Leaping Wildlife

Staying with the 2011 National Wildlife Week theme of “wildlife that move us,” we are looking today at wildlife that engage in jumping, leaping and hopping or otherwise use bursts of …

The Fascinating Things About Creatures That Swim

With the 2011 National Wildlife Week theme of “animals that move us,” we have dedicated Wednesday to take a closer look at swimming.  Wildlife species of all kinds swim, and …

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