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Wildlife Watch with Twitter and Plurk

12/5/2008 // By Danielle Brigida

No matter where you are, you can participate in Wildlife Watch and let us know about the wildlife and plants you observe. Wildlife Watch is a national, nature watching program created for people of all ages. Through Wildlife Watch, you’ll […] Read more >

Share the Road and the Love for Wildlife with Subaru

12/4/2008 // By Danielle Brigida

Subaru is lending a helping hand to wildlife, by including NWF in their “Share the Love” Campaign. We are very excited to work with them and I’ll be interested to see them continue to share the road with wildlife! If […] Read more >

5 Things You Should Know About the Wild Turkey

11/26/2008 // By Danielle Brigida

True Americans The wild turkey is a true American species that is native only to the United States, Canada and Mexico. There are five subspecies found across North America. They were almost wiped out in the U.S. due to do […] Read more >

5 Scary Wildlife Videos You Should Watch

11/3/2008 // By Danielle Brigida

Even though Halloween is over, it’s always a good time scare yourself and learn about fascinating species.  I figured I could tell you guys about some of the most fascinating animals to me that also haunt my dreams. I picked […] Read more >

Danielle’s Good Neighbor of the Week: Tracy Perkins

10/27/2008 // By Danielle Brigida

This week’s neighbor is Tracy Perkins, an awesome blogger and vegan crafter. Tracy is definitely doing  her part to be a good neighbor. She was also kind enough to answer a few questions for me as to how and why […] Read more >

Power Vote: The Fight For A Clean Energy Economy

10/20/2008 // By Danielle Brigida

Building on the energy created by the Campus Climate Challenge, Power Shift 2007 and the numerous other state climate summits and networks, National Wildlife Federation is working with the Energy Action Coalition to launch a new campaign to unite youth […] Read more >

Danielle’s Good Neighbor of the Week: James Towner

10/16/2008 // By Danielle Brigida

Some of you may remember my post asking people “Will You Be My Good Neighbor?” Well, so far we are off to a fantastic start! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing neighbors who inspire me and others by […] Read more >

Eight Classic Camping Recipes Every Cook Should Know

10/6/2008 // By Danielle Brigida

I ran across these great recipes that were first published in the pages of National Wildlife magazine in Apr/May of 1965. These eight recipes for fish, steak eggs, bacon, potatoes, bread and coffee remain surefire staples in the camper’s meal […] Read more >

Go Car-Free and Be Care Free!

9/19/2008 // By Danielle Brigida

September 22nd marks the celebration of the holiday known as World CarFree Day! Along with encouraging NWF staff participation, I wanted to spread the word that Carfree Day is the perfect day to ditch the car and find alternative transportation. […] Read more >

A Conservation Message for Kids, from a Kid

9/6/2008 // By Danielle Brigida

I’d like to introduce you to a kid who not only gets his green hour but helps other kids appreciate nature and wildlife. Meet Enzo! Enzo is the star of his very own online website and show Enzoology. This is […] Read more >