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Karen Dante is the Wildlife and Climate Safeguards Intern supporting the Safeguards team on climate change community adaptation, wildlife protection and responsible renewable energy development. I graduated from Queen’s University (Kingston, Canada) with a B.S. in Biology and Psychology. I fell in love with all things nature-related, especially plants while living out west in Boise, Idaho and am a determined fighter for endangered species worldwide.
Karen Dante (NWF), Angela Rossman (Idaho Wildlife Federation Board of Directors), Naomi Edelson (NWF) with Senator Crapo [Photo: Stegner]

Wildlife Is the Soul of Our Country

11/9/2011 // By Karen Dante

Americans love wildlife and we want to make sure that our grandchildren and the generations to come can enjoy it, too. Not only is it part of our treasured natural heritage, wildlife also brings jobs to local communities and provide …