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Christine Dorsey was National Wildlife Federation’s Senior Director of Communications. She oversaw a communications staff that helps tell NWF’s stories about our work to confront climate change, protect wildlife and habitats and connect children and families to nature. Born and raised in upstate New York, Christine is a life-long wildlife enthusiast. She now lives in Vermont with her husband, Dan, two dogs, a cat and assorted wild critters that inhabit their Certified Wildlife Habitat.
The Black bear won. Photo Credit: Dan McGowan

Black Bears are On the Move in Vermont

6/7/2012 // By Christine Dorsey

When I moved to Vermont from Washington, DC a few years back, I was excited by the notion of living close to wildlife. We have a wonderful array of creatures big and small in the Green Mountain State, and thankfully, …

National Summit: Connecting Children and the Outdoors

4/10/2010 // By Christine Dorsey

Did you know that the average American child spends 53 hours per week staring at some kind of electronic screen? Today, National Wildlife Federation hosted a national summit on children and the outdoors to explore the indoor childhood problem and what we can all do at the local, state and federal level to halt this dangerous trend.

We’re Not Done Yet!

12/18/2009 // By Christine Dorsey

It’s been a whirlwind in Copenhagen. World leaders are close to concluding two weeks of intense climate negotiations in Copenhagen today, resulting in a political agreement that has fallen short of an ambitious or legally binding climate pact. With public …

Did You Get That Handbag From…The Amazon Rainforest?

12/12/2009 // By Christine Dorsey

Here in Copenhagen, while negotiators hash out the details of an international climate agreement, thousands of organizations and businesses from all over the globe are monitoring the talks and bringing to the table ideas for how to solve the climate …

Live from Copenhagen!

12/10/2009 // By Christine Dorsey

This is Christine Dorsey, communications director for National Wildlife Federation, and I’m on the ground in Copenhagen at the United Nations climate conference, or as it’s known around the world, COP15 – that’s short for the 15th Conference of Parties (to a global climate treaty).

Iowa, it’s been real!

7/29/2007 // By Christine Dorsey

Hey everyone. We made it! Our Team NWF rode from Rock Rapids to Bellevue, IA in 7 days – 477 official miles, but more like 500 when you count getting to campsites and a few detours. Saturday was our last …

Hi from Lamont, IA!

7/27/2007 // By Christine Dorsey

Team NWF’s cycling team is moving through Lamont, IA this morning, on our way to Dyersville tonight, about 65 miles from last night’s campsite in Independence. We had quite a little storm move through, so a few of us were …

Hey from Denver, IA!

7/26/2007 // By Christine Dorsey

We’re more than half way across Iowa! Yesterday was a tough day – it was in the mid-90s for much of the 70-mile ride. Don Hooper took a header when another biker fell in front of him. Don’s fine – …

Hey from Hampton, IA

7/24/2007 // By Christine Dorsey

Today was a busy day in Iowa. After leaving Eagle Grove, we rode east through more farm towns. In one town, I ran into a Clinton ’08 campaign booth. I stopped and spoke to one of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s Iowa …

Hello from Eagle Grove. IA

7/24/2007 // By Christine Dorsey

What a trip so far! I’m at the Eagle Grove library getting online for a few minutes. I didn’t get a chance to get to a computer Monday, so here’s the quick re-cap: people LOVE our “Cycling Against Global Warming” …

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