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Southern Virginia prepares to build biomass power plant

2/4/2011 // By Kristy Jones

Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative (NOVEC) is preparing to build a biomass plant in South Boston, Virginia, using the wood waste left over from the local logging companies. NOVEC is a locally based and locally owned electric distribution system headquartered in …

Our Changing Oceans – Impacts of Global Warming

1/21/2011 // By Kristy Jones

The National Council for Science and the Environment hosted their 11th annual national conference this week, Our Changing Oceans. The three day conference focused on how the ocean environment will be impacted by climate change including both physical and biological …

“Green” at the Virginia Community College Hire Education Conference

12/14/2010 // By Kristy Jones

The Virginia Community College System’s Hire Education Conference, Dec 8-10, provided the college community the opportunity to share best practices in workforce development in many industries, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, and others. Southwest Virginia Community College (SVCC) is helping students …

Virginia Community Colleges host Hire Education Conference

12/9/2010 // By Kristy Jones

The Hire Education conference for the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) focussed on bringing together workforce development staff from a majority of Virginia’s 23 community colleges to network and share best practices.

Going Green in the Valley with Blue Ridge Community College

9/24/2010 // By Kristy Jones

Blue Ridge Community College hosted the “Going Green in the Valley” symposium on September 22 at their Plecker Workforce Center featuring speakers on sustainable agriculture, alternative energy, and green construction and design. The symposium was attended by Blue Ridge students and …

The Ohio State University’s First Zero-Waste Event

9/23/2010 // By Kristy Jones

Campuses across the United States are finding unique and innovative ways to become more sustainable. Many schools are looking at ways to green in the most original ways, including zero-waste graduation ceremonies, meetings, and sporting events. As you will see below, collaboration …

Jobs for the Future, National Wildlife Federation launch The Greenforce Initiative

9/22/2010 // By Kristy Jones

The Greenforce InitiativeTM, a partnership of Jobs for the Future and National Wildlife Federation, launches in six regions of the U.S. – Illinois (Chicagoland), Michigan, North Carolina, Texas (San Antonio area), Virginia (Northern region), and Seattle. The Initiative aims to …

White House hosts first ever community college summit

9/17/2010 // By Kristy Jones

Scheduled for October 5, 2010, the White House will host the first ever summit on community colleges, addressing their critical role as part of America’s economic vision for the future – developing the workforce and reaching the country’s educational goals. The …

Oregon State University researching wave energy opportunities

9/15/2010 // By Kristy Jones

The Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center (NNWREC), established in 2008, is a DOE-funded partnership between Oregon State University and the University of Washington. Oregon State University is focusing on wave energy research and development, and the University of Washington is focusing on …

Wind Turbine Technician Training at Dabney S. Lancaster Community College

9/15/2010 // By Kristy Jones

This fall Dabney S. Lancaster Community College in Virginia launched its new program to offering a  Basic Wind Turbine Service Technology Certificate.   The Certificate requires the completion of 45 credits and includes general education courses as well as those …