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Campus Team at VA Power Shift 2009

10/26/2009 // By Kristy Jones

The Virginia Power Shift was hosted at George Mason University this weekend. More than 100 students from VA campuses gathered to speak out for climate legislation and participate in workshops including introduction to anti-oppression and creative action planning and several workshops […] Read more >

Training for Green Jobs is Crucial for the Clean Energy Transition

9/22/2009 // By Kristy Jones

We just hosted a half day workshop with Jobs for the Future at the Greening of the Campus Conference: Leading for a Sustainable Future: Green Workforce Training. We wanted to feature the role of community colleges in workforce training, because […] Read more >

Reporting from the 3rd Annual Butte College Sustainability Conference, Second Day

8/17/2009 // By Kristy Jones

Day two of the Butte annual sustainability conference opened with a special keynote featuring Ken Grossman, Owner and President of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company – a very popular company with the Butte crowd! Grossman, an alumni of Butte, gave an […] Read more >

Reporting from the 3rd Annual Butte College Sustainability Conference

8/14/2009 // By Kristy Jones

Butte College’s 3rd annual sustainability conference opened with a welcome from the school’s president, Dr. Diana Van Der Ploeg. Her speech exhorted attendees to remember that sustainability is as much a national security issue as an environmental one, and that […] Read more >

NWF Get-Together at Power Shift 2007

11/15/2007 // By Kristy Jones

National Wildlife Federation (NWF) hosted a luncheon at the Power Shift conference on Saturday, November 3, at the Marriot Conference Center on the University of Maryland campus. The luncheon was packed with 62 students (and 2 campus staff) from 20 […] Read more >

Our Podcasts for Global Warming Solutions

5/29/2007 // By Kristy Jones

NWF’s Campus Ecology Program hosted a greener campus teleconference series during the 2006-2007 academic year. Each teleconference featured practitioners in the field speaking about their accomplishments and challenges and a question-and-answer session giving participants an opportunity to engage in discussion. […] Read more >

Need an Alternative Transportation Option? How About Skateboarding!

10/19/2006 // By Kristy Jones

Skateboarding isn’t just for teenagers and college students anymore. More and more people are beginning to take up the sport – for fun, and to simply save money on gas. Skateboarding is an easy way to get around and it’s […] Read more >

MTV is on board! Why aren’t you?

9/8/2006 // By Kristy Jones

On September 6 MTV and the Campus Climate Challenge launched the “Break the Addiction Challenge,” a nationwide competition to challenge millions of high school and college-age youth to stop global warming starting at their own schools. The Campus Challenge is […] Read more >

Campuses Taking the Lead on Global Warming Solutions

8/18/2006 // By Kristy Jones

"Sea-bed plan to store carbon", a recent BBC News article, details the theory that storing carbon dioxide under the sea could help to reduce global warming and will probably pose no threat to marine life. Like this one, there are many […] Read more >

Global warming continues to impact wildlife

8/3/2006 // By Kristy Jones

Tigers are a valuable species and indeed, among many others, being impacted by global warming (thanks for the tip, Puja!). According to the World Wildlife Fund, the Sundarbans delta — the world’s largest mangrove ecosystem (home to tigers), which stretches […] Read more >