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Great Video About Creating Wildlife Habitat and Gardening Green With NWF

10/17/2008 // By Kristin Johnson

Roxanne Paul, the National Wildlife Federation’s Habitats Program Coordinator, was caught on tape for a great interview about NWF’s Certified Wildlife Habitat® program. She was on location at the U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C., which NWF recently marked as […] Read more >

Leap Year Frog Blog! Frog Facts, Martha Stewart and More

2/29/2008 // By Kristin Johnson

NWF naturalist Dave Mizejewski made a special “Leap Day” appearance on The Martha Stewart Show this morning, bringing along a few camera-hoppy amphibians, including green frogs, American toads, a pickerel frog and a smoky jungle frog. Watch Martha and Dave […] Read more >

Bush Administration Goes Green?

2/4/2008 // By Kristin Johnson

That’s right folks. For only the 12th time in its entire history, the Environmental Protection Agency has decided to use the veto process to kill an Army Corps of Engineers project. Dead in the water is the Yazoo Pumps, a […] Read more >

Webcast Launches “Focus the Nation” Global Warming Teach-In

1/31/2008 // By Kristin Johnson

Last night, more than 10,000 people logged on to to watch the Focus the Nation webcast, sponsored in part by the National Wildlife Federation. How do we know how many? Well, 10,000 was the bandwith of the website, and […] Read more >

President Bush on Energy, the Environment and “Global Climate Change”

1/28/2008 // By Kristin Johnson

Tonight, President Bush delivered his final State of the Union address, continuing–in his own way–to call for solutions to confront global climate change. Nowhere, however, did he mention passing federal legislation to reduce America’s global warming pollution. “I welcome President […] Read more >

Great Woes for the Great Lakes

1/27/2008 // By Kristin Johnson

Check out Kari Lyderson’s article in today’s Washington Post for a look at how decreased ice cover on the Great Lakes is impacting the shipping industry, outdoor recreation opportunities and wildlife and habitat. Great Lakes’ Lower Water Levels Propel a […] Read more >

Protect Salmon, Feed Orcas

12/2/2007 // By Kristin Johnson

Hundreds of scientists say the only way to restore salmon to the Columbia and Snake rivers is to remove four costly dams. But federal agencies aren’t listening. Instead, NOAA just released a recovery plan that’s more “same ol’, same ol’,” […] Read more >

“The Quiet Generation” No More

11/15/2007 // By Kristin Johnson

NWF Campus Field Director Lisa Madry just emailed around a great recap of Power Shift 2007 that I had to share… It was amazing to have the opportunity to experience the energy of 6,000 students converging at the University of […] Read more >

Letter-to-the-Editor Campaign Delivers Strong Global Warming Message

8/31/2007 // By Kristin Johnson

Recently, NWF activists went the extra mile, writing letters to the editor of their local newspapers to help raise awareness about global warming and the need for action. So far we’ve had report of 31 published letters in papers across […] Read more >

Energy Bill Passes House–Details, Next Steps and More

8/7/2007 // By Kristin Johnson

As promised, here’s a breakdown of the energy package passed by the House of Representatives Saturday, Aug. 4. VICTORY: A Renewable Electricity Standard passed, 220-190, which would require electric suppliers to provide 15 percent of their electricity using renewable energy […] Read more >