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Beating a Dead Horse

3/8/2006 // By Kristin Johnson

The Senate released its budget today, with–you guessed it–language to open the Arctic Refuge. The first thing that came to our minds? That old Ben Franklin quote: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and […] Read more >

Call Me A Cockeyed Optimist

2/7/2006 // By Kristin Johnson

For those of us working just blocks from the White House, it wasn’t exactly a surprise that the annual budget released by President Bush yesterday included Arctic drilling. Heck, for people 3,000 miles away, it probably wasn’t a surprise either. […] Read more >

Curing America’s Oil Addiction

2/2/2006 // By Kristin Johnson

During his State of the Union address, President George W. Bush admitted a major problem. “America is addicted to oil.” The catchy rhetoric is right on the money. Time for Bush to lead our country through the rest of the […] Read more >

Time for Real Energy Policy

1/31/2006 // By Kristin Johnson

Barely a month has passed since bipartisan coalitions in both chambers of Congress rejected the eleventh-hour attempts to sneak Arctic Refuge drilling into a filibuster-proof budget bill and a must-pass funding bill for our troops. Even though Congress rejected both […] Read more >

Victory in the Senate!

12/22/2005 // By Kristin Johnson

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge scored a huge end-of-the-year victory yesterday, when a drilling provision was forced off of a Defense Appropriations Bill in the Senate. The provision had been tacked on at the last minute by Sen. Ted Stevens […] Read more >

Drilling Out of Budget, Into Defense Spending Bill

12/20/2005 // By Kristin Johnson

After almost a month of butting heads over whether or not the scheme to drill the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would be included in the final budget bill, Congress was left at a standstill just a week before the holiday […] Read more >

House Budget + Senate Budget = Arctic Drilling?

11/18/2005 // By Kristin Johnson

Early this morning at 1:45 a.m., the House budget bill, sans Arctic drilling, passed by a vote of 217-215. It will now be combined with the Senate version of the budget bill and put to one final vote in both […] Read more >