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Help Protect Wildlife Threatened by Alien Invasion

4/20/2009 // By Shreema Mehta

For centuries, America’s wildlife and wild places have been under threat from the ongoing introduction of non-native plant and animal species into our country’s ecosystems. As one example, back in 1869 the European Gypsy Moth was brought into the US. …

Got a Few Minutes to Walk In for Wildlife This Week?

4/16/2009 // By Shreema Mehta

I know many of you have sent in emails and made phone calls to advocate on behalf of bold climate action to safeguard wildlife from global warming, but this week we have a special opportunity to take a slightly different …

Help Pass a Wildlife-Friendly Budget!

3/31/2009 // By Shreema Mehta

This week, Congress is discussing the budget resolution, which if passed will provide resources to support programs that protect our air, water, oceans, land and wildlife. In addition to providing resources that support these programs important for the public health …

A ‘Land’mark Victory for Conservation!

3/30/2009 // By Shreema Mehta

Thanks to the tens of thousands of messages many of you helped get to our legislators over the past few weeks, last week Congress passed the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act, which the President will sign into law this afternoon. …

A Second Chance for Millions of Acres of Public Lands

3/17/2009 // By Shreema Mehta

Last week, I visited Piney Point Park in Maryland. It was cold and a little rainy, but it was also truly memorable to see bald cypress trees whose roots grew above ground and tiny little Carolina chickadees. Wilderness areas like …

Clean Cars for California = A Cleaner Future for All

3/12/2009 // By Shreema Mehta

It’s hard to make that trip to the gas station nowadays. Not only do we all need to pinch a few pennies in these tough economic times, but there’s the “carbon guilt” too. To reduce cars’ effects on rising levels …

Just A Few More Days ‘Til Power Shift!

2/23/2009 // By Shreema Mehta

In a little over a week, I will become a Congresswoman. Actually, I’ll just be pretending for a day in a mock lobbying session to help train the thousands of college students descending onto Washington for Power Shift 2009. After …

Birds Push Northward to Cope with Climate Change

2/17/2009 // By Shreema Mehta

For quite some time we've discussed how birds are affected by climate change. Here is a new National Audubon Society study finds that global warming is forcing migratory birds to push their habitats northward.  Researchers tracked the migration habits of …

Momentum gathers for Power Shift

2/4/2009 // By Shreema Mehta

I'm counting the days until the end of February – and not just because it'll be closer to spring. In a few weeks, I'll be joining 10,000 of my peers at Power Shift 2009 in Washington, DC. — to talk …

Rails and Trails for Wildlife

1/23/2009 // By Shreema Mehta

Let’s face it – our cars threaten wildlife in more ways than one. Road development threatens habitats, to the point where wildlife corridors are needed for animals to migrate. Not only that, but auto emissions are one of the biggest …

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