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Can you identify this bird?

Is This a Heron, Egret or Crane?

3/8/2011 // By David Mizejewski

My friend Tavie posted this photo to my Facebook page with a simple question: is this a heron, egret or a crane? National Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Watch program is all about helping people identify the animals they’re seeing, so I […] Read more >

NWF Naturalist inspires people to protect wildlife by making television appearances with animal ambassadors.

Access Hollywood and NWF

3/7/2011 // By David Mizejewski

As part of my work as media spokesperson for National Wildlife Federation, I make appearances on television shows to help fulfill the first part of our mission: to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future. I go on […] Read more >

British Naturalist Steve Backshall is almost swallowed by feeding humpback whales.

Kayakers Almost Swallowed by Whales

3/4/2011 // By David Mizejewski

Maybe there is some scientific validity to the Biblical parable of Jonah and the Whale, where a human being is swallowed whole by a giant marine mammal. Check out this video of two kayakers who are almost swallowed by hungry […] Read more >

A baby pudu was recently born at the Woodland Park Zoo.

Cutest Baby Deer Ever

2/16/2011 // By David Mizejewski

A baby pudu was recently born at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.  Pudus are the smallest deer species in existence and are native to tropical forests of South America.  Our friends at the zoo were kind of enough to […] Read more >

By February, great horned owls are already sitting on eggs.

Spring is Closer Than You Think

2/8/2011 // By David Mizejewski

With the severe winter we’ve been experiencing in many parts of the country, it’s easy to get cabin fever and a case of the winter blues.  But if you know what to look for, you’ll see that spring is already […] Read more >

Eagle Today Show

NWF Celebrates 75th Anniversary on Today Show

2/1/2011 // By David Mizejewski

As you might know if you’re a regular reader of this blog, National Wildlife Federation is celebrating our 75th Anniversary of inspiring Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future.  In my monthly appearance on the Today Show I was […] Read more >

YouTube video

Cougar Cub Attacks Buffet Table

1/13/2011 // By David Mizejewski

This year, National Wildlife Federation is celebrating our 75th anniversary of protecting wildlife and connecting people with nature. Yesterday, we had a staff party to celebrate this major milestone. As NWF’s naturalist and media personality, part of my job is […] Read more >

Photo by Forrest Brem and Public Library of Science via Wikimedia Commons.

5 Mass Wildlife Deaths to Really be Worried About

1/11/2011 // By David Mizejewski

In the last week, we heard news report after news report of mass wildlife die-off events, making it seem like the Apocalypse was drawing near. Birds dropped out of the sky, dead fish covered miles of the surface of rivers […] Read more >

Too Risky? Man Lives with Lions to Raise Money

1/4/2011 // By David Mizejewski

Jim Jablon runs the Wildlife Rehabilitation of Hernando in Florida, where he takes in abandoned animals from livestock to exotic primates and big cats.  Caring for these animals is an expensive endeavor, and with money running out, Jablon has turned […] Read more >

Red Winged Blackbird FLICKR

Mass Die Off of Birds and Fish in Arkansas

1/3/2011 // By David Mizejewski

Something strange is going on in Arkansas.  On New Years Eve close to 5,000 dead birds dropped out of the skies over a square mile in a town called Beebe.  Only a day earlier, an estimated 100,000 fish died in […] Read more >