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Running–For The Fun Of It

4/8/2009 // By Mary Quattlebaum

Children’s author Mary Quattlebaum muses on one of the pleasures of youth–running with no particular destination in mind.

Count Down to Spring

3/16/2009 // By Mary Quattlebaum

If your family is like mine, you’re counting down the days till spring begins officially on March 21. But this month delights in unpredictable weather. Lion or lamb? How did your March arrive? Well, the lion roared in my neck …

I “Heart” the Earth

2/12/2009 // By Mary Quattlebaum

Give back to the Earth for Valentine’s Day. Organize a neighborhood clean-up for play spaces, parks, or trails. Will your kids want to help? You bet. They might grouse about chores at home but set them loose in a park …

A Little Night Magic

1/16/2009 // By Mary Quattlebaum

Children’s author Mary Quattlebaum shares one of her favorite books, “Owl Moon.”

Shared Moments Make Great Gifts

12/24/2008 // By Mary Quattlebaum

Children’s author Mary Quattlebaum introduces us to one of her favorite books: Snow by Cynthia Rylant.

Find A Rock–Preserve A Memory

11/10/2008 // By Mary Quattlebaum

Children’s author Mary Quattlebaum reminds parents that even the most ordinary parts of nature can be true gems.

Befriend A Tree

10/8/2008 // By Mary Quattlebaum

Mary Quattlebaum shares another of her favorite books.

The 5 Senses Game

8/27/2008 // By Mary Quattlebaum

The ocean: playful, powerful, mysterious. What kid isn’t intrigued by its crashing waves and salty tang? Hello Ocean is a sense-tingling read-aloud, whether your family is anticipating a trip to the beach or simply re-visiting memories. In poetic language, author …

Be-Bopping with Pigeons

7/16/2008 // By Mary Quattlebaum

Keep your eyes open–wildlife can be found anywhere, even on the busiest city streets.