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Moratorium on Ocean Going Ships in the Great Lakes

5/24/2007 // By Josh Nelson

The Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition today is calling for a moratorium of ocean-going ships in the Great Lakes until Congress stops the introduction of aquatic invasive species. “Our call for a moratorium stems from the fact that the Great […] Read more >

Gardener’s Guide to Global Warming

5/1/2007 // By Josh Nelson

The National Wildlife Federation has just released a comprehensive Gardener’s Guide to Global Warming. Below, I’ve linked to some of the highlights of the report as well as a few useful tools. State Flowers and Trees Plants across the nation are […] Read more >

Personal Global Warming Solutions

4/13/2007 // By Josh Nelson

A few weeks ago, we asked people to take three simple steps to reduce their carbon footprint.  Similar to the concept in the post below, we want to harness the wisdom of this crowd to build a resource on personal […] Read more >

What are Your Favorite Environmental Movies?

4/13/2007 // By Josh Nelson

The National Wildlife Federation recently organized several house parties around Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Several hundred party hosts volunteered their time and effort, inviting their friends and family members over to watch and discuss this movie and what […] Read more >

Blogger Bioblitz

4/9/2007 // By Josh Nelson

Voltage Gate at Science Blogs has initiated a fascinating project: In honor of National Wildlife Week, April 21 – 29, I am inviting bloggers from all walks to participate in the First Annual Blogger Bioblitz, where bloggers from across the […] Read more >

Public Opinion on Global Warming

3/23/2007 // By Josh Nelson

With the recent attention raised by Al Gore’s Oscar-Award winning documentary and testimony, the findings of the IPCC, and widespread media attention, global warming is clearly one of the hottest (ha) issues of 2007.  The big story that isn’t getting […] Read more >

Climate Crisis Action Day

3/20/2007 // By Josh Nelson

I just got back to the office from the Climate Crisis Action Day.  The event, which took place today from 11am-1pm on the west capitol lawn, had a great turnout and we couldn’t have asked for better weather.  The speakers […] Read more >

Alaskan Teens Shedding Light on Global Warming Solutions

3/20/2007 // By Josh Nelson

Teenagers with the National Wildlife Federation’s Alaska Youth for Environmental Action (AYEA) recently started a great campaign to get Alaska residents to reduce their global warming pollution with the 3-2-1 Pledge, where signers commit to: 3)  Change three incandescent lights […] Read more >

Administration Reinterprets ESA

3/19/2007 // By Josh Nelson

Source: Tired of losing lawsuits brought by conservation groups, the Bush administration issued a new interpretation of the Endangered Species Act that would allow it to protect plants and animals only in areas where they are struggling to survive, while […] Read more >

Administration Could Weaken Eagle Plan

2/7/2007 // By Josh Nelson

Check out NWF senior counsel John Kostyack on NPR this morning: “Bald Eagle May Leave Endangered List” by Elizabeth Shogren, National Public Radio Morning Edition, February 7, 2007 – The U.S. government’s top wildlife biologist says a Bush administration proposal […] Read more >