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Native plants are fantastic at attracting songbirds and pollinators. (Photo donated by Jacqueline Tiles)

Slacker’s Guide to Gardening for Wildlife

4/1/2012 // By Anne Senft

Even lazy gardeners can help wildlife in their neighborhood by following these five simple guidelines.

Photo: Tsung Yao (T.Y.) Huang

Nature’s “Mirror Mirror”: 13 Spectacular Photos with Water Reflection

3/24/2012 // By Anne Senft

Enjoy these photos that use water reflection to make them extra special.

Butterfly alighting on a fellow traveler (Photo: Anne Senft)

7 Animals to Bring You Good Luck

3/16/2012 // By Anne Senft

Animals enrich our lives in many ways. Here are a handful that are thought to bring us luck.

Take a moment to enjoy the beauty in your own backyard. (Photo: Anne Senft)

Five Ways to Make the Most of Extra Daylight

3/9/2012 // By Anne Senft

With Daylight Saving Time  in full force, many of us are enjoying the extra hour of evening daylight. How do we make the most of this gift? Here are some thoughts. 1) Share the hour – Gather up friends and …

“The Loris” – The other cute movie

3/1/2012 // By Anne Senft

This adorable slow loris is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

St*ff Groundhogs Say

1/27/2012 // By Anne Senft

If only groundhogs could talk, what would they say?

Meet Winkelhimer, the Painting Squirrel

1/18/2012 // By Anne Senft

An injured squirrel’s art helps other animals and people in need.


1/16/2012 // By Anne Senft

A Russian family captures incredible footage of a “snowboarding” crow on a nearby roof.

A hummingbird in January…in Chicago?

1/12/2012 // By Anne Senft

A hummer makes a rare visit to a Chicago suburb.


6 Gifts Birds are “Tweeting” about this Holiday Season

11/26/2011 // By Anne Senft

Attract more birds to your backyard this holiday season by providing them the things they need most.