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Climate Capsule: Clean Air Act Under Siege

3/29/2011 // By Amanda Stone

This week’s stories: Highlight of the Week: Clean Air Act Faces More Attacks Quote: Former EPA heads Bill Ruckelshaus and Christine Todd Whitman Economic Story of the Week: Treasury grants spur clean energy Editorial of the Week: No compromises on …

Get Real, Get Outside

3/25/2011 // By Amanda Stone

What are you missing when you’re looking at screens? Play Again, a documentary shown as part of DC’s Environmental Film Festival, tackled this question, portraying the changing balance between the virtual and natural worlds facing today’s children (and let’s admit …

Never-Ending Story: Moving Forward on Climate Action Planning

2/24/2009 // By Amanda Stone

Late last year, Brett Pasinella, Coordinator of Climate and Biodiversity Initiatives at University of New Hampshire (UNH), had to make some adjustments in the Climate Action Plan (CAP) of the university. “The university gained renewable energy service provider status,” he …