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Two Tufted Titmouses   Photo Credit: Jeremy Symons

Experiments in Backyard Nature Photography

2/7/2011 // By Jeremy Symons

If you enjoy wildlife photography, please jump in and comment to share your tips and thoughts about these pictures or backyard birding photography in general. I love photographing wildlife, and sometimes I find opportunities to take pics when I’m not …

Big Oil’s Pipeline Scheme to Increase Midwest Gas Prices

1/24/2011 // By Jeremy Symons

It’s an old story: oil companies increase gas prices and their profits soar. But rarely do we get an inside view of how they manipulate markets to drive up prices, and even rarer still an opportunity to stop it from …

The Big Ooze

4/30/2010 // By Jeremy Symons

Today, the Big Ooze meets the Big Easy and its surrounding marshes and communities along the Gulf coast. The horrific tragedy unfolds before us in slow motion. Unfortunately, the worst for the Gulf Coast’s economy and wildlife is yet to …

Oil rig off the Louisiana coast, May 2010 (NWF staff photo)

5 Facts on Big Oil’s Campaign Against a Clean Energy Recovery

3/31/2009 // By Jeremy Symons

President Obama has asked Congress to deliver comprehensive energy legislation that invests in clean energy, creates millions of green jobs, cuts our dependence on dirty fossil fuels, and holds energy companies accountable for reducing global warming pollution. We can’t afford …

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