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Tubeworms -  Photo: NSF

Adaptations To The Max — Wildlife At The Extremes of Altitude, Cold, Heat and Depth

3/21/2012 // By Kevin Coyle

We have learned many things over the years about how animals adapt to their surroundings. These range from the long snout of an anteater, the double eyelid of a water dwelling alligator, to the recent discovery that the stripes on …

National Association of Evangelicals Releases Document on Climate Change and Impacts on the Poor

12/20/2011 // By Larry Schweiger

The National Association of Evangelicals released a new document on climate change’s impacts on the poor.  Loving the Least of These:  Addressing a Changing Environment covers the science of climate change, its impacts that are affecting everyone but that will …

The Climate of Conservation in America: 50 Stories in 50 States

4/22/2011 // By Aislinn Maestas

This Earth Day, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is launching a new campaign to increase awareness of climate impacts on wildlife across America. The Climate of Conservation in America: 50 Stories in 50 States series will explore the many …

Photograph courtesy of Robert Polo, Science/AAAS

Salmon Study: What Does it Take to Survive a Warming River?

4/4/2011 // By Melinda Koslow

Sockeye salmon are one of many species of wildlife who will need to adapt to warming water temperatures caused by climate change… or die. A new study published this week in the journal Science examines sockeye salmon populations in the …

Avoiding “Waterworld 2” – Miami-Dade preparing for climate change

11/17/2010 // By Derek Brockbank

As much as we all loved Kevin Costner with gills and post-apocalyptic Dennis Hopper and a herd of henchmen on jet-skis, Waterworld is best kept to a 1995 vision of the year 2500, not a 21st Century reality.  Plus, Waterworld’s gargantuan …

Adaptation Report Needs More Blunt Language on Climate Science

10/14/2010 // By John Kostyack

More blunt language might help readers of today’s Task Force report better understand the urgency of the climate change adaptation agenda.


An ecosystems-oriented approach to reducing climate change risk

9/30/2010 // By John Kostyack

New report on adaptation to climate change gives inadequate attention to ecosystems.

Scientists Say Billions of Birds are Changing Migration Habits

4/21/2010 // By germanom

The world’s birds are already finding their own ways to adapt to the effects of climate change. In addition to migrating at different times to newly hospitable locations, they may also shorten their migrations, using their energy on eating and …