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Mercury Air Pollution

A Letter from the Mercury Frontline

6/7/2011 // By Joe Mendelson

Nearly all of our exposure to mercury occurs through eating fish and shellfish. Mercury pollution spewing from power plants settles in our lakes and rivers where microscopic organisms convert the inorganic mercury into methylmercury. This form of mercury accumulates up the …

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Invisible Dangers, Visible Opportunity

4/11/2011 // By Marta Orpiszewska

Last month the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released new proposed limits on toxic pollutants including mercury, arsenic, dioxin, acid rain and several others that make their way from our nation’s coal-burning power plants into our lakes, rivers, and habitats, threatening our …

Everyone Wants Clean Air, Especially Latinos

4/4/2011 // By Miguel Mejia

It’s no mystery that clean air is good for all – who honestly wants more mercury, smog, arsenic, and other nasty toxics and metals invading their communities and wreaking havoc on their health? Is there such a thing as too much clean …

Americans Run Hot On Water, Cool On Global Warming

3/29/2011 // By Mekell Mikell

Dirty water is the main environmental worry for Americans according to a new Gallup poll. Out of nine possible concerns asked in a survey, water issues are listed in the top four, followed closely by air pollution.    American’s Top Environmental …

Air Pollution

Investing in Clean Air: Great Returns

3/1/2011 // By Joe Mendelson

If I told you about an investment opportunity where you could receive 30 times the amount invested each year over the course of thirty years, I bet you would jump at it.  Such an investment return would blow away virtually …


A “Tex-Extremist” Approach to the Clean Air Act

1/12/2011 // By Joe Mendelson

 A “Tex-tremist” Approach to the Clean Air Act Texans enjoy better air quality like the rest of Americans thanks to a strong Clean Air Act. Unfortunately, some Texas politicians are making a play for their polluter friends at the expense …

How to Clean Our Air and Reduce Government Spending

7/8/2010 // By Larry Schweiger

By Larry J. Schweiger In addition to cleaning up our air pollution that causes global warming, the American Power Act will reduce America’s federal government spending by $19 billion over 10 years. With record temperatures and America’s sending $1 billion …

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