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Environmental Justice Takes Center Stage at Power Shift ’09 Opening Session

2/28/2009 // By Xarissa Holdaway

Power Shift, a conference and lobby event that aimed to bring 10,000 young people to the Capitol to take action on climate change and environmental degradation, took a turn for the socially-aware at last night's opening keynote speeches. Almost 12,000 …

Ball State to spend $66M on ground-source heat

2/17/2009 // By Xarissa Holdaway

Ball State university, long a leader in climate action (and frequent sustainability conference host), has just approved drilling almost four thousand closed-loop wells to heat and cool the campus. Ground-source heat pumps use constant ground temperature, which is cooler than …

Kicking off the National Teach-In at University of Maryland

2/4/2009 // By Xarissa Holdaway

Five minutes before the meeting started, Scott Lupin, Director of the Office of Sustainability at UMD, could already see that more chairs would be needed. The room was packed, and students were quickly dispatched to bring extra chairs for everyone …

Making it work: Geothermal on campus

2/2/2009 // By Xarissa Holdaway

In case you haven’t heard, geothermal and ground-source heat mining are pretty hot right now — though someone needs to come up with a catchier title for the latter, we think. In short, geothermal electricity comes from using scalding groundwater …

Power Shift: “We are not going anywhere!”

1/27/2009 // By NWF

If 2007’s Power Shift is any example, Power Shift 09 is going to be huge:

“Roll back the specter of a warming planet”

1/21/2009 // By Xarissa Holdaway

In his inaugural speech, Barack Obama made no less than three separate mentions of the climate crisis, noting that as president he will lead the nation to "roll back the specter of a warming planet." Now that we're in the …

Students’ time in the sun?

1/15/2009 // By Xarissa Holdaway

An interesting discussion is taking place over at DotEarth, one of our favorite blogs. The post, which discusses students taking their places in the worlds of innovation and activism, mentions Ben Gulak's one-wheeled electric motorcycle, NJIT students capturing exhaust energy, …

ClimateEdu: Youth Activism, Hydrogen Cars, and more

1/13/2009 // By Xarissa Holdaway

Our latest issue is live. Here are today's headlines: Youth Activists Making Their Voices Heard at Climate TalksJoann KlimkiewiczAt climate talks in Poznan, young delegates from across the world added their voices to the debate, demanding that the global dialogue …

Al Gore Lauds Youth and Campus Activists

10/29/2008 // By Xarissa Holdaway

In case you haven’t heard, Al Gore addressed students across the country tonight in a live webcast from the Energy Action Coalition and the PowerVote campaign, asking young people to continue the work they’re doing to change the way we …

Calling All Young Eco-Geniuses!

8/14/2008 // By Xarissa Holdaway

DotEarth, a popular NYT blog which examines efforts to balance human affairs with the planet’s limits, has been discussing the idea of "Generation-E," a new way to think of the young people stepping up to the challenges of environmental work …