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NWF@AMS: Artists Help Scientists Tell Climate Story

1/27/2011 // By Miles Grant

The American Meteorological Society’s 91st Annual Meeting wraps up today at the Washington Convention Center. During the conference, the convention halls are featuring art that highlights weather and climate issues. Some of the art was commissioned specifically for the AMS …

(via Flickr's Anthony Citrano)

NWF@AMS: Getting Local on Cost of Climate Inaction

1/25/2011 // By Miles Grant

The national discussion on how to respond to the climate crisis centers almost exclusively on any possible costs of action. But the potentially massive costs of inaction go virtually unmentioned. What are the costs of allowing unlimited carbon pollution to …

Via Flickr's Mark Abel

NWF@AMS: Connecting Climate, Weather & Wildlife

1/23/2011 // By Miles Grant

What role do meteorologists have to play in educating Americans about the climate crisis?