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Poor-k Excuse

8/19/2005 // By Adam Kolton

When you work “inside the beltway,” as I do, politicians and their staff members sometimes tell you things they wouldn’t dare say to their constituents or the media. Mainly I hear lots of reasons — or more accurately excuses — […] Read more >

Guest Writer: “Most Treasured Place”

8/18/2005 // By NWF

A guest post by Robert Stagman, M.D., of Mercer Island, Wash. My wife, Gail and I rafted and hiked through the Arctic Refuge on the Kongakut River for 10 days in late June, 1992. We were surrounded by millions of […] Read more >

$67 a Barrel

8/13/2005 // By Larry Schweiger

The price of oil peaked at a record $67 a barrel yesterday. That’s bad news for all of us. High gas prices hurt American families. But drilling for oil in the Arctic Refuge wouldn’t offer any relief. Why? Because the […] Read more >

Why I’ll Be in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 20

8/8/2005 // By Shalen Fairbanks

I’ve never been to the Arctic National Willdlife Refuge–but I have been to Alaska. It’s an absolutely amazing place, full of stark snow-capped mountains, dark blue water teeming with wildlife, massive glaciers, and so much more. For some reason, the […] Read more >


8/5/2005 // By Larry Schweiger

People my age will remember the day a young, charismatic President challenged the nation to put a man on the moon before the decade’s end. Despite the odds, America rose to meet John F. Kennedy’s challenge. Why? Because we’re a […] Read more >

More Information: About the Refuge

8/1/2005 // By NWF

The 19.6 million acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northeastern Alaska is one of the wildest, most pristine places in the United States. The 1.5 million acres of its coastal plain being proposed for oil exploration, often referred to as […] Read more >

Doesn’t Arctic Drilling Belong in the Energy Bill?

8/1/2005 // By Adam Kolton

Congress at long last cranked out an energy bill last month — one that took six years to make. But it leaves out way too much — such as measures sought by conservationists on global warming, renewable energy and fuel […] Read more >

For Thadeus

8/1/2005 // By Larry Schweiger

When I think about why the protecting the Arctic Refuge matters to me, what first comes to mind isn’t the vast herd of caribou that rely on the refuge, or the polar bears whose icy habitat is shrinking every year, […] Read more >

Hitting the Road to Protect the Arctic Refuge

7/21/2005 // By Shalen Fairbanks

Today, I’m proud to be an American. I stood side by side earlier with people from all walks of life — and together we kicked off a nationwide campaign to keep oil drilling out of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. […] Read more >