baby animals

Finding a Fawn: What To Do

Every springtime, the National Wildlife Federation gets numerous emails and phone calls from concerned people asking the following question: “I found an abandoned fawn! Where can I take it?” The answer …

Wendy Williams Meets “Hot” Desert Animals

  |   June 5, 2013

NWF’s celebrity naturalist David Mizejewski’s latest TV appearance on The Wendy Williams Show was all about Wendy’s “hot” ratings. To complement the show’s theme, David brought in some desert animals …

7 Photos That Capture A Mother’s Love

Here at National Wildlife magazine, there is no more sure fire way to get a big response from our readers than to publish a photo that captures the bond between …

Common tern chick

Photo of the Day: Beak Wide Open

Common tern chick ready and waiting for food Photo by Lisa Franceski Check out more nature and wildlife photos, vote for your favorites and enter your own images in the …

Photo of the Day: Snoozing Sea Lions

Elk yearling and bull

Photo of the Day: “Spike” Yearling with Bull Elk

Great horned owlet

Photo of the Day: Great Horned Owlet

White-tailed fawns

Photo of the Day: White-tailed Fawns

Photo by Amber Rodgers See more of Amber Rodgers’s photos on Flickr >> Your Photo Could Be Here We want one of your nature photos to be the next Photo …

Burrowing owls

Photo of the Day: Devotion

A parent burrowing owl feeds an insect to its owlet Photo by Flickr member East Wind See more of East Wind’s photos on Flickr >> Your Photo Could Be Here …

Three-toed sloth, Costa Rica

Photo of the Day: A Slow Climb

Scott Nielsen was photographing butterflies in Costa Rica when he spotted a young three-toed sloth slowly descending from the tree top. Sloths live in the forest canopy, but they have …

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