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CRA Climate Analysis: “Extreme Again”

3/19/2008 // By Larry Schweiger

The national Chamber of Commerce and the American Council for Capital Formation are holding events in select states using biased, polluter-funded “analysis” of climate legislation to discourage Congress from moving aggressively to tackle the threat of global warming. They specifically …

Global Warming: Yes We Can Solve It

3/3/2008 // By Miles Grant

Talking to speakers here at the Heartland Institute’s “2008 International Conference on Climate Change,” I’m finding they’re loosely sorted into three categories based on their views: Those who say global warming is not happening at all Those who say global …

NWF’s Take on America’s Climate Security Act of 2007

11/2/2007 // By Josh Nelson

There has been some confusion lately over where the environmental community stands on America’s Climate Security Act of 2007. To clarify, here are two letters which should provide a better understanding of where the National Wildlife Federation stands. The first …

Oily Math

8/30/2005 // By Adam Kolton

Drilling backers claim that deciding the fate of the Arctic Refuge as part of the massive federal budget bill is appropriate, in part, because leasing the area will generate new revenue for the treasury – which is what budget bills …

It’s About…Well, Everything

8/26/2005 // By Larry Schweiger

I’ve always believed there’s no such thing as just an “environmental” issue – if it’s about protecting the environment, chances are, it’s also about protecting someone’s health, way of life, quality of life, the economy, or all of the above. …

Hitting the Road to Protect the Arctic Refuge

7/21/2005 // By Shalen Fairbanks

Today, I’m proud to be an American. I stood side by side earlier with people from all walks of life — and together we kicked off a nationwide campaign to keep oil drilling out of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. …