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Photo by NWF Staff

My Fling with the Chevy Volt (Video)

10/24/2011 // By Amanda Staudt

I recently bid adieu to our Chevy Volt. We had a lovely weekend romance, but now it’s back to my minivan. Like any relationship, we had our ups and downs. But, when all is said and done, I’m eagerly awaiting …

Chevrolet Volt with charging station (via Flickr's saebaryo)

An Electrifying Announcement on Government Vehicles

5/24/2011 // By Miles Grant

One day before the Obama administration is expected to reveal updated window stickers for new vehicles, it’s leading by example, announcing plans on Tuesday to purchase 116 plug-in electric vehicles. As part of the plan, the federal government will buy …

Game Changer on the Road: 230 Miles Per Gallon

8/11/2009 // By Miles Grant

Mysterious ads have been popping up around DC recently, featuring “230 8-11” with a smiling outlet for the 0. We just found out what all the fuss is about: The Chevy Volt, GM’s much anticipated electric car, will be a …