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Save the Clean Air Act: Dozens of Editorials

4/7/2011 // By Joe Mendelson

Newspapers from every corner of the nation are calling on Congress to keep their hands off of the Clean Air Act.  The bipartisan 40-year old legislation enjoys broad support in public polls but that hasn’t held back polluters from demanding […] Read more >

Americans Want More Clean Energy & Climate Action, Not Less

11/5/2010 // By Larry Schweiger

Saying things that are boring but true won’t get you invited on all the Sunday talk shows. You’ll get a lot more attention for saying things that are interesting but unjustified. Just look at the media’s analysis of Tuesday’s elections […] Read more >

Mississippi Students Want Cleaner Air and A Brighter Future

2/26/2010 // By Larry Schweiger

By Larry J. Schweiger I had a wonderful time today at Millsaps College in Mississippi talking with about 60 students interested in what they can do to protect their future and create clean energy jobs in Mississippi. I was glad […] Read more >

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