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Virginia Members: Congress Must Pass Climate Legislation

5/18/2009 // By Miles Grant

During the lunch break of today’s Environmental Protection Agency hearing, the National Wildlife Federation joined several other environmental groups to host a news conference on the need for Congress to pass comprehensive climate and energy legislation. Two members of Congress …

Waxman-Markey’s Renewable Energy Standard: Tough Enough?

5/14/2009 // By NWF

I’m one of the contributors over at the National Journal’s Energy & Environment Experts Blog. Here’s the question posed today: Does the [Waxman-Markey] proposal go far enough to promote the use of renewable electricity? Would all states reasonably be expected …

NWF: “Massive Momentum” Behind Climate & Clean Energy Bill

5/13/2009 // By Miles Grant

House Democrats have unveiled the details of comprehensive clean energy & climate legislation that could come up for a vote in a matter of days. Here’s what Joe Mendelson, the National Wildlife Federation’s director of global warming policy, had to …

Waxman Ready to Show Cards on ACES?

5/12/2009 // By Miles Grant

The National Wildlife Federation has been lobbying hard to help build support for strong provisions in the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. Now Grist reports Democrats have reached a deal on details: House leaders have reportedly reached …

Obama to Huddle with House Dems on Clean Energy Bill

5/5/2009 // By Miles Grant

President Obama is calling all 36 Democrats from the House Energy & Commerce Committee to a meeting at the White House today: A White House aide said Obama plans to meet with the lawmakers Tuesday to discuss two of his …

House GOP Holding “Mock” Climate Hearing

5/1/2009 // By Miles Grant

Mocking the climate crisis? Mocking the political process? A little of both, I guess. Reports Politico: While Democrats bicker over a sweeping climate change bill, Republicans are going rogue, crafting an alternative hearing stacked with people they agree with. […] …

Insomniac Bears

4/30/2009 // By Julia Marden

Last week I met a wildlife biologist from New Hampshire. Each year he sees animals that can’t adapt to the rising temperatures– grizzly bears that won’t hibernate and snowshoe hares whose fur won’t turn white. He came to DC to …

Shadowy Group Launches Attack on Clean Energy

4/30/2009 // By Miles Grant

As the National Wildlife Federation predicted last month, big polluters and their allies have launched a major blitz against clean energy & climate legislation. And now CQ reports the latest wave comes from a mysterious group called the “American Energy …

Clean Energy & Climate Impact of Specter’s Switch?

4/28/2009 // By Miles Grant

Just talked to Adam Kolton, the National Wildlife Federation’s senior director for Congressional & federal affairs:

“The Mother of All Climate Weeks”

4/21/2009 // By Miles Grant

Today Congress is launching what Politico calls “the mother of all climate weeks“: Fifty-four witnesses will testify on climate change legislation in three full days before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, topped off with an appearance from Al Gore …