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New Video Feature: NWF’s Climate Capsule

3/2/2010 // By Miles Grant

Each Tuesday, I’ll walk you through some of the week’s biggest climate news, focusing on how it impacts you & how you can take action.

Highlight of the Week: Obama Bumps Up Copenhagen Slate as EPA Rules on Carbon

12/10/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

The president is changing his travel plans. President Obama will now head to the international climate summit in Copenhagen during the critical closing days of the summit, rather than at the outset, spurred by strong support for climate action and …

Economic Message of the Week: $600M to Build Renewable Energy Plants

12/10/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

The federal government has announced plans to spend nearly $600 million to help build renewable energy plants. The government will join forces with private companies to establish 19 biorefinery projects across 15 states, using a combination of stimulus funds and private investments …

Editorial of the Week: Seize the Moment on Climate Change in the Miami Herald

12/10/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

Today 56 newspapers in 45 countries take the unprecedented step of speaking with one voice through a common editorial. We do so because humanity faces a profound emergency. The dangers of climate change have been apparent for a generation. Now …

EPA Rules Carbon Pollution a Public Hazard

12/10/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

As President Obama prepares to commit the U.S. to carbon pollution cuts at the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, a crucial Environmental Protection Agency ruling stresses the stakes. The EPA responded to the 2007 U.S. Supreme Court decision that greenhouse gases …

2000s Warmest Decade Ever

12/10/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

As 2010 approaches, world leaders would do well to consider a wide-reaching New Year's resolution: curb the carbon pollution that has helped make the 2000s the warmest decade on record. According to scientists, global temperatures between 2001-2009 averaged 1.1 degrees Fahrenheit higher …

Newspapers Worldwide Back Climate Fight

12/10/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

In an unprecedented show of broad support for climate action, newspapers in 45 countries have entreated world leaders to work toward a substantial agreement to curb global warming at next week's international summit in Copenhagen. Newspapers including the Miami Herald published shared editorials, …

NWF to Release Longleaf Pine Report

12/10/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

National Wildlife Federation will hold a teleconference Thursday to mark the release of a new report detailing how the restoration of Longleaf pines in the Southeast may hold the key to global warming mitigation and economic revitalization in the region. …