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Sustainability Student Success Story:

12/22/2010 // By Cheli Cresswell

In 2007, college student Wyatt Taubman created the slogan “Think Green, Live Clean” while brainstorming ways to communicate sustainability to his peers. Hear how his experiences shaped this process and tips for creating change.

Campuses Save Money and the Environment With Zero-Waste Events

11/30/2010 // By NWF

For many schools, zero-waste events are the first target they achieve in becoming a zero-waste campus.

Reduce, Reuse, ReTweet

4/13/2010 // By NWF

The conversations that lead towards a sustainable society happen in many places–classrooms, coffeeshops, offices, student centers, fields, and mountains. More than any of these, however, the future of climate change activism is happening on the Web. Unlike many traditional forms …

A Kinder, Gentler Wrecking Ball

4/13/2010 // By NWF

“Basically, when we deconstruct, we don’t get out the wrecking ball, we take the building apart.” That’s how Robert Keller, associate vice president for facility planning and operations at Miami University, describes the university’s building deconstruction program. “We’ve been taking …

Cutting the Commute to Reduce Emissions

7/14/2009 // By NWF

Weekly hooky has become a regular occurrence for library staff on the Georgetown University campus. Of course, they have the permission of their supervisors. That’s because their absence is part of a department-wide alternative schedulingprogram. “I’m always looking for programs …

Chicago-Area Universities Collaborate to Promote Bicycling

3/31/2009 // By NWF

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is participating in a program to promote bicycling and other alternative transportation modes on campus. By collaborating with the Chicago Department of Transportation and the five largest campuses in Chicago- UIC, University of …

A Lot to Digest with Composting on Campus

3/31/2009 // By NWF

There is a certain waste stream on college and university campuses that can travel two very different paths. One path, which ends at the local landfill, leads to the uncontrolled release of methane, a greenhouse gas (GHG) 21 times more …

Guest Post: Is Culture Shift Possible?

3/31/2009 // By NWF

Students and visitors walking into a residence hall at Oberlin College shouldn’t be surprised to find glowing orbs mounted on walls, changing colors throughout the day. Sound like one of the DHARMA Initiative research stations on the television show “Lost”? …

Clean Energy From Humans? No Sweat

3/31/2009 // By NWF

A light switch can be powered by sun, wind or water, but what about by the sweat of one’s brow? Oregon State University is one of the first universities to do just that, by harnessing kinetic energy from students’ workouts. …

Guest Blog: Bringing the Purchasing Power of the Campus to Bear: A Word from Our Partners

3/17/2009 // By NWF

Ria Knapp is campaign coordinator for Climate Counts and a recent Boston University graduate. During her college years, Ria’s fervor for the outdoors turned into a passion for finding ways to preserve and protect it. A four-season biker and runner, …