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December International Climate Talks Offer Glimmer of Hope

10/22/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

A binding international treaty on climate change is what will truly help avert the worst impacts of global warming.  Major treaty talks last year in Copenhagen didn’t get us there, and it would overstate things to say that hopes are high in …

Anti-Wind Power Study Traced to Polluter-Funded Front Group

3/29/2010 // By Miles Grant

ClimateWire followed the money on an anti-wind power study — and traced it back to Big Oil.

Copenhagen Days 8-10 (Earth Hour, Final Conversations)

1/11/2010 // By Carly Queen

Wednesday, December 16 (Day 8) On my way to the Earth Hour event at Copenhagen's city hall square, I marveled at how many people ride their bikes through the city, despite the fact that it is incredibly cold, dark and …

Pope Calls for Global Climate Treaty in 2010

1/11/2010 // By Miles Grant

Benedict’s words certainly hold true across all peoples and faiths — we have a moral responsibility to act now to protect our children & grandchildren, wildlife and natural resources from the worst effects of global warming.

Copenhagen Days 6-7 (“A Nuclear Renaissance?”)

1/7/2010 // By Carly Queen

Monday, December 14 (Day 6) When I arrived on the platform outside of the Bella Center this morning, something was noticeably different. There was a line, actually two lines, at least six people wide and hundreds of people deep! Everywhere …

Copenhagen Days 4-5 (Weekend and a Surprise Encounter)

12/21/2009 // By Carly Queen

Saturday, December 12 (Day 4) Still adjusting to the 6 hour difference between Copenhagen and Atlanta, so I slept in and missed my chance to hear Dr. Vandana Shiva speak. (Ed: This is a shame: we've written about her before …

Copenhagen Outcome: Not Done Yet

12/18/2009 // By Larry Schweiger

By Larry J. Schweiger Regarding today’s outcome at the Copenhagen climate negotiations, I applaud President Obama for his determination to not let these talks fail and his success working with China. The deal is incomplete and we’re not done yet. …

The Real Story on Climate Finance

12/18/2009 // By Larry Schweiger

By Larry J. Schweiger As we await word here in Copenhagen about a possible climate deal, Eric Haxthausen with The Nature Conservancy highlights in his National Journal blog “The Real Story on Climate Finance” on some of the progress made …

Obama to Copenhagen: Ladies and Gentlemen, There is No Time to Waste

12/18/2009 // By Larry Schweiger

By Larry J. Schweiger Here is the Full Transcript of President Obama’s remarks to Copenhagen climate talks as he delivered them today. Remarks by the President at the Morning Plenary Session of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Bella Center, …

Clinton Announcement “Sets Up an Important Moment for the World”

12/17/2009 // By Miles Grant

Big news from the international climate treaty talks in Copenhagen, Denmark. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the United States will contribute to a $100 billion fund to help developing nations deal with climate change — provided that an …