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Three-toed sloth, Costa Rica

Photo of the Day: A Slow Climb

8/13/2012 // By Rachel Faulkner

Scott Nielsen was photographing butterflies in Costa Rica when he spotted a young three-toed sloth slowly descending from the tree top. Sloths live in the forest canopy, but they have to visit the ground every few days to defecate. Scott …

Join Campus Ecology in Costa Rica!

8/13/2010 // By Kristy Jones

Full of adventure, beauty, captivating culture and rich biodiversity, Costa Rica is a prime location to deepen your connection to Campus Ecology peers while studying global warming, sustainable travel and leadership. We search for all kinds of wildlife and learn …

Study: Warmer Climate Is Sending Species Uphill

8/26/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

University of Connecticut ecologists studying plant and animal movement in Costa Rica are finding that species may move up mountain slopes as the climate warms but areas left behind will have littleĀ to replace them: AFP in the Vancouver Sun reports: …