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BP Cover-Up Begins to Unravel

5/20/2010 // By Miles Grant

“In Washington, it’s been said that ‘it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up’ – but in this case, it’s both the crime and the cover-up that are an outrage,” said NWF President & CEO Larry Schweiger.

Forecast Florida: BP Oil Spill Now Being Tracked in Two Directions

5/20/2010 // By Miles Grant

NOAA’s BP oil spill response page is now featuring not one but two BP oil spill maps. The first one highlights the projected devastation in Louisiana, where winds from the southeast are forecast to bring devastation in the coming days: …

BP Executive: Oil Spill “Impossible to Measure”

5/19/2010 // By Miles Grant

When you’re sitting in a stuffy Congressional hearing for up to eight hours, it can be hard to pinpoint the most critical moments. (OK, it can be hard to stay awake.) But the hard questioning of BP America’s president by …

Tar Balls Wash Ashore in Florida Keys

5/18/2010 // By Miles Grant

Two alarming new pieces of evidence that the BP oil spill is spreading well beyond the Gulf Coast. The first is this photo from NASA, showing a plume of oil being pulled far to the south, apparently by the Gulf’s …

BP Oil Spill Already Heading for Florida Keys?

5/17/2010 // By Miles Grant

Is the BP oil spill is already realizing one worst-case scenario? Citing computer models, satellite images & an eyewitness account, University of South Florida researchers say currents are picking up oil from the Deepwater Horizon well accident & carrying it …

BP Oil Spill: Monday News Roundup

5/17/2010 // By Miles Grant

A quick roundup of the latest news on the BP oil spill: According to the New York Times, scientists have found huge plumes of oil deep beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. BP managed to insert a tube …

Video: NWF’s Oil Spill Response Featured on

5/15/2010 // By Miles Grant

I joined this week to talk about my trip to the Gulf of Mexico to report on the BP oil spill: We need a new national energy policy — one that will cut our oil dependence & protect America’s …

Marine Life Confusing “Dispersed” Oil with Sea Habitat

5/13/2010 // By Miles Grant

Are you like me? Do you not think much about seaweed unless it gets caught in your bathing suit? Until my 10-hour boat trip across oil spill-impacted areas last week, I had no idea what a critical role sargassum, a …

BP Oil Spill Update: Birds, Barrel Bickering & Betty White

5/11/2010 // By Miles Grant

The latest news from the Gulf Coast: The first two birds rescued from the spill have been returned to the wild Officials are pumping more fresh river water into the Louisiana wetlands to try to push the oil offshore Teams …

Dropping Dome Doesn’t Work, So BP Trying Trash

5/10/2010 // By Miles Grant

“There’s no way that dome is going to work,” one Venice, LA fishing boat captain told me last week. “It’s just a distraction to make it look like BP is doing something while they drill the relief well, which is …