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Blow the Whistle on Polluter Abuse! [Audio]

9/28/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

Nebraska landowners and citizens will be able to blow the whistle on the heavy-handed tactics of Canadian oil giant TransCanada starting today. TransCanada is the company trying to run the dirty fuel into the U.S. along a 2000 mile proposed pipeline …

Poll: in Nebraska, ‘huskers rally against tar sands pipeline

9/15/2010 // By Max Greenberg

Nebraska is many things to many people. Depending on who you ask, the Cornhusker State is “Where the West Begins,” the birthplace of Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet, or home to a uniquely football-mad populace. And really, speaking as an …

Tar Sands Pipeline Company Admits Playing Fast and Loose with Safety

8/5/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

Canadian oil giant TransCanada will abandon, for now, its bid to pump dirty tar sands oil at higher than normal pressures. They sought a waiver from normal safety procedures, until recent disasters and public pressure forced them to concede. They …

Michigan Oil Spill Disaster: It’s the Smell that Hits You First

7/29/2010 // By NWF

As soon as I heard that over 800,000 gallons of crude oil had rushed from a broken pipeline into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan, only a few hours from NWF’s Great Lakes Regional Center, I grabbed a camera and headed …

“Politico” Ad Calls on President to Stop Dirty Fuels Pipeline

7/14/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

NWF, Sierra Club and NRDC are stepping up the pressure on the White House to intervene and stop construction of the massive and dangerous Keystone XL pipeline that would further addict the U.S. to dirty fuels and oil generally. The …

WATCH – NWF Calls on Obama Administration to Stop Dirty Fuels Pipeline

6/29/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

Today the State Department held a hearing on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline that would bring dirty tar sands fuels across six states and 2,000 miles.  The pipeline would bring the dangers of the Gulf disaster to heartland states: threatening ecosystems …

In Advance of Tar Sands Federal Hearing, Members of Congress Say Don’t Rush to Dirty Fuels

6/24/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

Fifty members of Congress yesterday asked the State Department not to rush to approve a TransCanada Corporation dirty fuels pipeline, citing the need for further study of the fuel’s potent greenhouse gas emissions.  The letter comes just days before a …

(Video) NWF’s Schweiger Hits National Airwaves Denouncing Dirty Fuels

6/15/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

On both coasts, and lots of places in between, NWF President and CEO Larry Scwheiger is hitting the airwaves this morning urging Americans to reject dirty fuels and the dangerous pipelines that would deliver them across the U.S. heartland. As …