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And the Winner of the 2012 Garden for Wildlife Month Meme Contest is…

6/1/2012 // By Megan Blevins

Congratulations to Angie Scharnhorst! She is the winner of the 2012 Garden for Wildlife Month Meme contest! Angie submitted a very “foxy” meme that made the judges “frolic.” Winning Meme Till next time… Thanks to everyone who entered the contest– […] Read more >

Goslings Meme_May is Garden for Wildlife Month_2012

“Hey Girl,” Goslings Celebrate Garden for Wildlife Month

5/3/2012 // By Megan Blevins

In the spirit of Garden for Wildlife Month here at the National Wildlife Federation, we couldn’t help but share some of our own wild animal babies that just hatched in our garden: goslings. ¬†And what better way to share goslings […] Read more >