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This Week’s Climate Capsule: Earth Day Recap & Dirty’s Fuel

4/27/2010 // By Miles Grant

In this week’s NWF Climate Capsule, pushing the Senate to move now on clean energy & climate action, an Earth Day thank you & Dirty the Global Warming Denier Sock Puppet channels Napoleon Dynamite.
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New Climate Capsule: Record Temps, Volcano’s Impact & Dirty’s Got Mail

4/20/2010 // By Miles Grant

In this week’s NWF Climate Capsule, a record-breaking March, a new push for Senate climate action, Earth Day’s 40th anniversary & Dirty faces down the “Green Goon Squad.”
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This Week’s NWF Climate Capsule: Energy Independence & Dy-No-Mite Dirty

4/13/2010 // By Miles Grant

In this week’s NWF Climate Capsule, an endangered species at Glacier National Park, how a climate bill would hit America’s enemies where it hurts & a “global cooling” flashback with Dirty the Global Warming Denier Sock Puppet.
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Climate Capsule: Alarming Arctic News & Polluters’ Bizarro World

3/10/2010 // By Miles Grant

This week’s edition of the Climate Capsule covers: A new study on methane being released from the Arctic & its impact on the climate crisis The latest on a Senate clean energy & climate bill — and your efforts to […] Read more >

Clearing the Air on Climate Science

3/9/2010 // By Amanda Staudt

What’s critical to understand is that since that 2007 IPCC report, the science has only grown more urgent, the evidence more clear. Read more >

Keep The Pressure On The Senate For All 72 Hours!

3/3/2010 // By Miles Grant

We’re more than 24 hours into the 72 Hours for Clean American Power campaign. Read more >

New Video Feature: NWF’s Climate Capsule

3/2/2010 // By Miles Grant

Each Tuesday, I’ll walk you through some of the week’s biggest climate news, focusing on how it impacts you & how you can take action. Read more >

A Look Back At Opportunity Lost – And 72 Hours to Change Our Future

3/2/2010 // By Miles Grant

Time to tell our Senators that we’re tired of the same old excuses, same old unwillingness to stand up to polluters, same old status quo of climate & energy inaction. Read more >

Star Power Gets Behind Clean Energy

1/28/2010 // By Miles Grant

New NRDC video featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Forest Whittaker, Edward Norton and some other big names calling for the Senate to pass clean energy & climate legislation now Read more >

New Poll: Americans Know Clean Energy & Climate Action Create Jobs

12/15/2009 // By Miles Grant

A new Associated Press poll out this morning is giving a big boost to the prospects of a clean energy & climate bill in the Senate. Read more >