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The Eastern hellbender

Three Steps to Supercharge Your Bedtime Stories with Wildlife

8/7/2015 // By Grant LaRouche

It waits in the dark, beady-eyed and skulking under the shadow of a flat river rock. Wrinkled, murky gray-green-brown, the beast oozes slime in the shallows, ready to lunge at an unsuspecting five-year old’s fingers…ready to make bedtime stories interesting …

What the Hellbender? Salamander Joins Endangered Species List

10/7/2011 // By Mekell Mikell

Despite the devilish name, Hellbenders are harmless salamanders. They live in the Ozarks near cool, clean rivers and streams with lots of rocks.  Unfortunately, the fresh water species is being harmed by ore and gravel  mining, sedimentation and toxic runoff …