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Climate Records Fall & A Titanic Disaster: Watch This Week’s NWF Climate Capsule

5/18/2010 // By Miles Grant

In this week’s NWF Climate Capsule, rising temperatures shatter climate records, progress on a Senate clean energy & climate bill, and Dirty the Sock Puppet compares the BP oil spill disaster to the Titanic.

Star Power Gets Behind Clean Energy

1/28/2010 // By Miles Grant

New NRDC video featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Forest Whittaker, Edward Norton and some other big names calling for the Senate to pass clean energy & climate legislation now

The Real Enemies: Liberal Media, Pop Culture, Hollywood Elites

3/4/2008 // By Miles Grant

I went to a session at the Heartland Institute’s conference in New York City yesterday called “Climate Change Politics.” Guess what didn’t come up until the Q&A? Politics. So what did the panelists talk about? Those reliable conservative bogeymen, the …