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Wind energy is just one of many alternative and renewable energies available to reduce fossil fuel consumption.

Stand Up and Fight! Five Good Reasons Why Coal Export is a National Issue

10/2/2012 // By Patricia Tillmann

It’s time to tackle coal export nationwide! While the first battles are being fought in the West, coal export is a national issue worth paying attention to. Here are five reasons why. 1. If not the West, coal companies will …

Sea lion underwater

Photo of the Day: As curious as a California Sea Lion

9/13/2012 // By Rachel Faulkner

A California sea lion checks out Dennis Vandermeersch while he was on a dive in the Sea of Cortez near La Paz, Mexico. Dennis captured a series of photos of these underwater acrobats, including one that he describes as doing …

Giant manta ray, Socorro Island, Mexico

Photo of the Day: Giant Manta Ray

4/3/2012 // By Rachel Faulkner

Share Your Nature Photos! Join our National Wildlife Photo Challenge — a free, bimonthly activity for members of our Flickr group. This Photo of the Day was donated by a participant in the annual National Wildlife Photo Contest. See more …

CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year 2010

9/28/2010 // By Miles Grant

Check out the winner!

Wildlife and Weather – December 21st

12/21/2007 // By David Mizejewski

Wildlife and Weather is a resource interpreting the impact of weather conditions on wildlife. Christmas Bird Count National Wildlife Federation supports citizen science, and one of the oldest such efforts is the Christmas Bird Count sponsored by our friends at …