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Offshore rig (photo: Shane Lampman)

Maddow Tears Apart Drilling Plan Safety Claims

3/28/2011 // By Peter LaFontaine

Under heavy fire from Republicans and oil state Democrats, the Obama Administration has sped up offshore oil production, granting six new deepwater permits in a little over a month.  Many folks who follow this issue have been dismayed at the …

NWF’s Larry Schweiger Talks BP Oil Spill on MSNBC

5/22/2010 // By Miles Grant

  View the video of NWF’s president on MSNBC. For all the latest news on how the oil spill is impacting the Gulf Coast’s wildlife & to learn how you can help, visit Help ensure NWF has the funding …

Why the BP Oil Spill is a Crime Scene

5/21/2010 // By Larry Schweiger

By Larry J. Schweiger I had the opportunity to join Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC today to talk about the BP oil spill and why the spill is a crime scene.

Rachel Maddow Show: Impacts on Nature Deep and Lasting

5/4/2010 // By Larry Schweiger

By Larry J. Schweiger Here is a clip from the Rachel Maddow show last night where I had the opportunity to talk about the wildlife impacts of the BP oil disaster. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news …